Friday, August 5, 2011


First I have to confess that my title is taken from our local newspaper  The North County Times, who uses it weekly for one of their editorials.

So here's my rant...!!!

Along with all the hullabaloo in Washington about the National Debt and the budget cuts I kept hearing through the media, who are far from guiltless in this, that there may not be enough money to pay the elderly their social security.  RASPBERRY!  I don't believe it. There are plenty of places they could cut without depriving the elderly.

Then there was the General -- I'm sorry I don't know who he was but I saw him on the TV NEWS.  He was addressing some soldiers in Afghanistan(?) or somewhere and  one of the soldiers (was he a plant I wonder?) asked "Sir, will we get paid?"  The general put on this wimpy look, spread his hands and said "I don't know!".

Honestly, I could have slapped him!  It is absolutely wicked for politicians and others to stoop to fear-mongering among our elderly and our troops and their families in order to bring pressure upon the country. They were deliberately stirring up fear and anxiety among our nation's most vulnerable just to further their own political ends.   A big fat raspberry to them and to the media who love the newsworthiness of this kind of blather.

Well now I've got that off my chest I can move ahead with another kind of post.


photowannabe said...

Preach it Sister!!!
Right on Chris. My sentiments exactly.

Patty said...

Amen to that post. Let these so called politicians take a cut in their pay, they certainly aren't doing a lot to earn it. Same when they retire, let them go on SS like everyone else and not get those huge retirement checks, FOR WHAT. Most of the time they make more of a mess and expect other to clean it up. Now we can both have a nice week-end. Hang in there.

Morning's Minion said...

Hear! Hear! And I add, shame on those who sit each evening agog at the TV news and actually believe either the politicians or the news media personel!

Paula RC said...

How awful to play such games with other people's life. It makes me wonder why we vote for such people, I bet they make sure their nests are lined well.

claude said...

I cannot translate, Chris. I must return to internet explorer.
Your post for about C is very great.
This week I have had some internet connecting problems.

snafu said...

Your second post about birds seems to have gone awol. It is on dashboard but tells me page not found if I try to go to it.

ChrisJ said...

Sorry Snafu. I just put together my next post which I intended to post on Sunday however I hit the wrong button and just for a split second it was posted immediately. I took it down right away but you must have hit Flamblogger just in that split second. It will be up permanently on Sunday.

Autumn Leaves said...

I never hear anything good these days. Fear mongering indeed.

snafu said...

Thanks Chris, I will look again on Sunday.
Regards this post, Raspberry's all round I think, any government that believes that borrowing more will cure a debt problem need to learn a little trick called arithmetic.
Also, there are an increasing number of elderly every year, so you probably represent a very big voting population. Maybe they ought to think that one through again.