Tuesday, March 27, 2012

K IS FOR....


This magnificent photograph is to be found in the latest issue of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine.  

I tried to find a place to contact them for permission but couldn't find anywhere so decided to post them as my photos of their magazine as if I were showing them to my neighbor. If this is not OK and National Geographic contacts me I will gladly take them down.

The photo of the kayaks was taken by Nancie Battaglia  Sports Illustrated/Getty Images and reproduced in the National Geographic.  The caption says that there were 1,902 canoes and kayaks that came together in an attempt to break a record as the "largest raft" free-floating  "for at least thirty seconds, held together only by hands."


This next photo has no strings attached.  It is of my son in a KAYAK shooting the rapids on the South Fork of the Payette River in Idaho.


K is also for Scruffy KISSES
(Sorry for the fuzzy photos.)
What a sweetheart !

This is my submission for ABC Wednesday hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt and her wonderful team.  For more submissions please CLICK HERE to see more skillful and original posts for the letter K.


Scriptor Senex said...

I used to read National Geographic - a wonderful magazine. What a marvellous raft the kayaks created.

Jane and Chris said...

Kitty kisses can't be beat!
Jane x

photowannabe said...

Great photos Chris.
Thanks for your concern for our going to Mexico.
Our staff had a hour interview and talk about what we were doing in Mexico with the Mexican Consulate General. He is thrilled we are coming and is pulling out the stops for us. The Mayor of Mexicali and surrounding area has also met with staff and loves what we are doing and is very protective of us.
Two of the security team we have are in the FBI and in Intelligence. They have all the most up to date info for us. They are part of our Church.
We have 20 people on our security team that make the rounds 24/7.
The local police drive by our compound often.
Most of all we have the Lord as our shield and defender. Of course we have to be Street Smart and not go where we aren't suppose to go.
All in all God is in control and we are about His business.

Leslie: said...

Great photos! And I'm sure it'll be okay with Nat Geo as you've indicated it's from their magazine and cited the photographer! I love all your K words today!

abcw team

VioletSky said...

That Nat'l Geographic shot is amazing (as are pretty much all of their shots!)

kaybee said...

I LOVE the NG photo - how innovative! And I also love the one of my nephew and his kayak. As for the Kitty Kisses - altho I could never partake of one, I am sure they are very special!

Carver said...

The National geographic photo is amazing. That's a lot of kayaks. The shot of your son kayaking is great. Fun cat shots too. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

Roger Owen Green said...

wonderful photos. cute cat.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Chubskulit Rose said...

Kayaking looks so much fun!

Korean Souvenir
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Kerry Avery Leth said...

Hello Mrs. Jones, I was searching for contact information for your husband and came across your blog. I am happy to see you are both well. Your husband performed our marriage on April 8, 1995. We have had almost 17 wonderful years of marriage so far and I wanted to send Pastor Jones a note to say hello and thank you. This year we have the joy of celebrating Easter and our anniversary on the same day. I hope you would not mind passing this along to him. Thank you so much, Kerry and Steve Leth, Huntington Beach, CA stevenkerry@verizon.net

Reader Wil said...

Chris, I often use photos from a book or magazine and then tell the name of the photographer. You did the same and that's perfect. How fascinating to see all those kayaks together! Your son is brave! And your kitty is adorable!,
Have a great week!

claude said...

Hello Chris !
My husband and I rented a kayak for a "cruise" on Tarn River in the South if the country. That was very pleasant.
Very good Scruffy Kisses !

claude said...

Hello Chris !
My husband and I rented a kayak for a "cruise" on Tarn River in the South if the country. That was very pleasant.
Very good Scruffy Kisses !

Arthur Schenck said...

That Nat Geo photo is amazing! I have to admit, though, one of my first thoughts was, "imagine being in the middle of that group and having to wait for everyone to paddle out of your way so you can go home!" I suppose being in the middle and needing the loo would be even worse… thanks for sharing!

Gattina said...

I honnestly prefer kisses from my cats to Kayaks, but I have to admit that the fist picture is quiet stunning !
ABC Team

snafu said...

Good K. That is an amazing photo. I used to have a big two seater kayak style canoe once but only went around the coast in it never on white water. As for Kitty Kisses, hmm... not quite my thing, their tongues are like sandpaper.

Ann said...

I love seeing the people who ride in these kayak's, they are so brave!! We see them so many times on vacation in Colorado where my Son lives. Love the real colorful ones. Great K word.

Lisa said...

Now THAT is a bunch of kayaks! Magnificent for sure. As is the shot of your son. What a great photo opp! And your Kitty Kiss is adorable.

Meryl said...

I love kayaking - but the gentle sea kayaking and not the frothy rapids kayaking. Your son looks great.