Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have been presented with The Versatile Blogger Award

I don't really do awards, but Scriptor Senex has such a great blog and he always makes complimentary comments on my blogs, so I will do it this once. Besides, I've done some of this before and now I'm scraping the barrel to be original.

I have to come up with seven things about myself that might be of interest.
That really makes me nervous.  It reminds me of Sally  Fields,  who on being awarded an Oscar, declared with great enthusiasm "They LIKED me!  They really LIKED me!" I interpreted that demonstration of joy as coming from someone who is not sure she is really good enough, not self-confident.  Oh yes, this is a self-esteem issue.....from day one, it always has been with me,
#1  .You know the old book, "I'm OK -- You're OK", well I'm never OK enough for myself.  And folks, I believe this is an inherited trait and one you have to learn to live with and compensate for. But it always involves a process of double thinking for me and a great deal of anxiety.  No amount of sweet talk and strokes will ever be enough.  By the way, I DO think you're OK.  For the most part others are nearly always more OK than I am.
#2.  I love animals  -- the furry kind.  You probably knew that, but......sometimes I love them more than people.  Now there's an admission for you!

                                                                                                                                                                #3.  I'm not politically correct.  But I AM polite and gracious about it, I hope.  If you ask me to speak my mind, I will, with tact.  I'm one of those people who believes that 'if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.'  I may not always be politically correct but I'm not closed minded.  I want to hear you and understand you even though after all is said and done I may not agree with you.

#4. I have lived a wonderfully satisfying life and am thoroughly happy with where I've been and what I've done and yes, even who I am.  I've come to terms with it all.  The only thing I wish is that I'd stayed young enough to do more of the things that I used to love to do, such as, walking trails, teaching, traveling, learning maybe a new language or new skill, playing tennis, going to concerts and the theatre, exploring the desert, visiting old friends who live far away -- and having a dog, preferably a labrador-retriever or maybe I could train a service dog . That would be such fun!

#5. If I enter a room full of men and women, I would gravitate to the men because their conversation is usually more interesting -- unless it is about sports... and unless the women are talking sensible talk about cats .  Cats trump everything, but don't dress them up please.  Let them have their dignity.

#6.  I love reading the 'funnies'  -- comics -- especially in the Sunday paper. My favorite is "LuAnne".

#7. I never go to bed before 12:30 p.m.  Please don't ask me what time I get up! Just don't call me before noon.

I can't put anyone else through this excruciating process, but if you like talking about your likes and dislikes, please be my guest. If you are desperate to know more about me, tho' I can't understand why you would be,  search my blog in the open box above the banner for KAFFEE KLATCH FRIDAY, October 5, 2011.

SCRIPTOR, I forgive you!


Jane and Chris said...

The first five are me...have you been peeking?!
Jane x

snafu said...

I am not sure if it is so much inherited as the kind of 'British' upbringing our generation went through. Our parents were not that far removed from Victorian Britain and would have instilled on purpose or by accident much of the old British, stiff upper lip, never boasting, playing the game attitudes of their forebears.

Anne said...

Hello, just read your blog having popped over from maple syrup mob! I was amazed the picture on your header is Dane's Dyke, a place on the yorkshire coast near where my cousin lived.Then read you were born and raised in England.
Loved the story of your grandfather too, I am researching my family tree and find all such stories fascinating.

Rarelesserspotted said...

Great post as always and some interesting facts about you - none of which take me by any surprise whatsoever. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your award.

Scriptor Senex said...

Thank you for forgiving me! Like you - I'm never happy about passing on these things bur you've done a good job - as was always to be expected.

"I'm not politically correct. But I AM polite and gracious about it, I hope." How refreshingly honest - and what more could anyone ask?

Patty said...

Now you sound like a real Okay lady to me. A lot of traits I like in a person. Hope you're having a great week-end.

kaybee said...

Yep - I can see that we really ARE sisters! Well, except for the bed time and the furry friends. I have ALWAYS gravitated towards males for conversation - never been sure why. But as a divorcee and(now) widow, I'm afraid it's sometimes a bit threatening for some of the females who are attached to the males!!