Saturday, June 16, 2012


I took a couple of photos of flowers while we were up in Boise and I'm very pleased with how they came out. In fact I think this first one is probably the best I've taken all year.
All roses are gorgeous, but I'd been watching this one  through the living room window  for several days, until the last afternoon, when I caught it with the sun in just the right place.  Such a beautiful, delicate pink.
It's a good thing I took it when I did, as a storm came through that evening and everything was pretty well windswept.
I love daisies and tho' these are larger than the ones I'm used to they remind me so much of the common English daisy that I had to take them. They also remind me of summer.  We're back to our May Gray and June Gloom again.


snafu said...

You have caught it just right, you were right to wait for the sun to be just so, it has made a relly nice picture.

Wanda said...

Beautiful photography Chris...The light in the first one is stunning.

And with out a favorite flower is a daisy. The dishes I picked out when we were married was a Franciscan pottery with a daisy pattern.

Saffron Watson said...

As a photography student, I can say that i prefer the second photo of the daisys, as I love to take photo's of them!

MorningAJ said...

Lovely rose. They always look their best just before they go over.

My roses are only just starting to come out. It's been a really weird garden year because of our weather.

Lisa said...

That rose is stunning! I love how the translucency of the petals. And thank you for stopping by outside of ABC Wednesday. I love seeing ABCers on other days!