Saturday, July 14, 2012


I watched a TV program a few days ago.  It was about California but more specifically it was about the Jacaranda Tree of which there are many in California.  They all bloom about the middle of June and to my mind they are probably my most favorite tree.

To my astonishment this program was discussing the fact that there are many people who don't like Jacaranda Trees.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  What's not to like????

I took these photos of our tree about three days ago:

It has been in its best bloom for several years this year.  So full and so blue!

So why don't some people like them?  Because they're messy!  Well yes, they do leave a circle of blue petals  on the ground, but the circles are almost as pretty as the trees.  The ground around our tree is covered with crushed red rock, so we don't even attempt to rake up the petals.  Ah well, to each his own I guess, but I am SO enjoying our tree this year.

Oh and who is this going under cover?

This sheep rug has been in the same place forever in front of the patio window.  Why on earth Scruffy decided to hide under it here, we have no idea, especially as it was one of the first warm days we'd had this year and he usually likes to lie in the sun.  He doesn't even hide under bed covers or blankets.  Maybe the mourning doves were harassing him at the window, I don't know.  He doesn't like the whistling swish of their wings.  But he's never done this before .... or since. 



snafu said...

That is a lovely tree, pity they don't grow here. We have been nuturing a wisteria which produces blooms similar to you jaccaranda tree, except ours won't bloom. It should look as nice as your tree but for five years or so it has refused. Perhaps I should show it your pictures and suggest it will be replaced if it does not look like that next year. Scruffy is a prize, I don't think I have seen a cat do that sort of thing before.

Kay G. said...

What is wrong with people? That is a beautiful tree! Like you, I would love to see that reamaining blue petals on the ground. Of course, I love blue!

photowannabe said...

That tree is simply gorgeous but I have heard that it does stain sidewalks.
Let's face many trees does one see with blue flowers?
Hmm, can't think of any.
Our world would be much less beautiful without them.

Mac n' Janet said...

Jacarandas are beautiful! Some people dislike Wisteria because they're messy and invasive. We love them.

jabblog said...

Your tree is truly beautiful. The 'mess' from the flowers is Nature's mess and she'll clear it up.

I wonder if Scruffy thought it was cooler under the rug?

Diane said...

Hi Chris, I went to Flamborough for you and thought about you every bit of the time I was there. I took you in my heart. I will be putting a few of the photos on my blog over the next few days - feel free to lift as many as you wish - they are my gift to you. It was beyond beautiful. Lots of love

Jane and Chris said...

I certainly wouldn't mind looking at that tree. I think Scruffy was waiting to jump out and BOO someone!
Jane x

ChrisJ said...

Thank you so much Diane!! I thought my ears were burning! It was so nice of you to think of me. How I do love Flamborough. My sister will be visiting you too.
Your blog has not been coming up on my reminder list as much. Probably because I've got too many on the list. I'll have to make sure I keep visiting.

Wanda said...

I'll take beauty over messy here. They are just magnificent. We have several around our neighborhood. What is "Messy" was our huge fig tree years ago, when the figs would drop over the fence on the sidewalk with a splat...and I would go out with a pancake turner to scrape them off the sidewalk... I hung bags on the fence and a sign...take all you want!!!!!

Henny said...

I like your tree, I wish they would bloom here in the Netherlands too!
I love your blog, surving on the internet and found yours...
I make inchies too, so if you want to trade...let me know!
Greeetings Henny

Morning's Minion said...

If we judged all plants and trees by the 'mess' they make for a few days or weeks of the season, what a diversity of interesting and beautiful things we would miss.
Funny cat! Sometimes one of mine will take cover in a place that looks very uncomfortable to me--I think they have moments of 'I want to be alone!'