Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Y  is for ...YOUTH


  Me, at two years old........                                    Me, at fifteen years old.....
Me, at 74, last year.

It has been said that if we all died young like Marilyn Monroe, we would forever be remembered as young and beautiful.

I was only a year or two older than the Beatles when they arrived in the U.S.A. to adoring accolades.  I remember  thinking at the time that they'd got it all and they were so young.  I really wondered what was left for them to achieve for the rest of their lives.

For John Lennon the end came  much sooner than anyone expected and he was still at the height of his fame.

But then a few weeks ago I watched Paul McCartney perform at the Queen's Concert.  I had such mixed feelings.  Here he is at age 70 singing for the Queen but he could hardly hold a tune. (No offense intended.  Neither can I at my age). If he lives much longer his gifts will fade away with him.  

Which would be better do you think, to die when you are young and at the height of your fame or to live a full life and die almost forgotten with your achievements all behind you?

I have often asked myself why God lets most of us dwindle away with sighs and groans instead of dying in the midst of our acclaim.

For me, this I know, how much more will I appreciate heaven and a perfect world after all I've seen in this world in my 74 years!  And how much more will I appreciate my new body without its aches and pains and shortcomings!

Artwork credit to Eugenia Clara
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Wanda said...

Chris, so much insight in this piece you've given us for Y.

You are aged nicely...Can still see that young gal in your face and eyes.

I'm a few years younger than you, and I feel the same way.

Took a fall Sunday, which just goes to show my age catching up with me.

Angie said...

You look so young ...you are 10 years older than me and look at least 5 years younger ...you must have led a good life.
I have to agree with you about Sir Paul ... and Sir Cliff was a bit of an embaracement too yet Sir Tom sounded as good, if not better, than in his hey days and he is 72 I think.
I think most of the stars should retire when their voices begin to go ...so we remember them at their best ...us mere mortals have so much to pass on to the young ..if they are willing to sit with us and listen to our stories....so we should soldier on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

did you get to see Paul McCartney live? my son got to see him on Saturday Night Live, he's going to be singing at the Olympics, what will that be like?

ur pix u have same smile at 15 as in 70's but don't look the same as when little

yoga teacher limerick

Roger Owen Green said...

Paul could still sing when he was in NYC in 2009, but I heard him on Saturday Night Live not long after, and he'd lost something. He should probably retire after his last gasp at the Olympics, and i say this as a huge Beatles fan. (See my post this week.)
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Ann said...

Youth is a passing thing isn't it. My 96 year old grandma used to say her mind still felt 16--I love that. Her body just didn't. She lived to a ripe YOUNG age of 97.

Jane and Chris said...

You are a good looking 74 yr old. I look 50 but feel 18, as long as I can kid myself I should be OK!!
Jane x

claude said...

The most important thing is to feel young in our mind.
And when you look youngest that our age it is better.
Excellent post for Y, Chris !
I hope Ill be the same good looking when I'll have your age.

PhenoMenon said...

They say life is forgotten in pursuits of unnecessary things that we dont need to impress people we dont like.. Youth is indeed a victim of this since everyone remembers youth only when its gone.

PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

photowannabe said...

I think you have the right handle on life.
Its good to be content with whatever age we are.
I'm not that far behind you in age. Wouldn't want to go back to most of those youthful times but sometimes there are too many groans and grunts added to my vocabulary.

MorningAJ said...

I think the proper thing to do is to grow older gracefully and accept what you can and can't do.

There have been a number of oldies around lately who've been obviously past their sell-by date, who really should quit and be remembered for their past glories. Sir Paul (and Cliff) should make way for some new folk.

What doesn't matter is whether those new folk are 19 or 90. If they can do something (like sing) good for them. If not, they should stop trying to hang on to their past.

snafu said...

We are the lucky ones, our generation have lived through a time when we have been able to stay young for much longer than our forbears.

Chubskulit Rose said...

You look great at 74! Wish I could age gracefully like you do!

Y is for...
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Leslie: said...

Well said, Chris. I'd rather have a full and satisfying life but it does suck to get old. I look back at photos of myself when I was younger and remember how I thought I was so fat! Man, I wish I weighed that now! lol

abcw team

Lisa said...

I think your quote artwork says it all. Our culture values youth so much, and forgets that wisdom only comes with age and experience. The previous generation in any era has so much to teach...if only the young would listen!

Diane said...

You look exactly the same now as you did at 14!!! I can't add anything to what you have put. Ive only recently felt as if my youth has gone (and I'm almost 53) it makes me feel a bit sad. xxx

Gattina said...

Love the pictures of the different parts of your life ! When the Beatles started to become famous I just married,lol ! I agree with you, poor McCartney should better sing with technical help and not perform life anymore. I was trembling all the time, I thought he would loose his voice !

EG CameraGirl said...

Well-thought out post! I'm glad I have lived long enough to understand (at least a few things I understand). :))