Monday, January 14, 2013


For the second Inchie of the year the subject is  GIRL.  I chose to do an ice skater. I love to watch ice skating on TV.  So here she is, my ice skating GIRL.

Welcome to all the new Inchie-ers (now there's a good word for you!)  We have some really talented  people who have joined us, so it will keep me on my toes to keep up!

To see more Inchies for this week please click HERE .  There is still time to join us.  We have no official starting date.  Come when you can.  Join in the fun. Thanks to Trillian who set up this project for us. 


Wanda said...

She's lovely Chris... and I can feel the movement. I too love to watch ice skating. Never could skate, but love watching it.

Anonymous said...

goodness what a lovely image

Morning's Minion said...

I like the flair of the girl's skirt and the way her hair streams behind her.

snafu said...

That is brilliant, captures the 'girl' well.