Monday, February 11, 2013

E IS FOR.......


Yes, the cat is out of the bag!  We are moving!

We've been talking about downsizing for quite a while, but haven't ever done anything about it.  We  live in a four bedroom house with a lot more yard than we need.  Our boys moved out more than 20 years ago and we should have done it years ago.  So for the past 40 years we have lived very happily in this house, accumulating more and more stuff.  Imagine, 40 years of STUFF!   But less than a month ago we suddenly decided to take a look around and figure how, when, where, what...etc.  Really, just out of the blue.

So in less than three weeks we have taken the plunge -- actually more of a high dive into a whirlpool.  We found what we wanted and expect to go into escrow at the weekend.

Of course it wasn't that simple.  Obviously we had a financial limit, but we also had a size limit (2 bedrooms)and a location limit, ( not too far away from the church).  Barry was concerned about security for me, since he is often away, but I didn't want to be crowded in with other homes.

We went looking in a senior living park that is only a mile away from where we live now.  At first I wasn't too excited as it seemed the homes (modular) were all on top of one another and most of them had next to no back yard, literally.  But then I saw a house that I said to Barry would be a great location. It backs on to the creek and has some trees around so I could still watch my birds, and had a deck at the back.  So we started making inquiries.

At first we got, "No, it's not for sale"; then we heard it was sold; then, "it won't be on the market for a couple of months.."  It wasn't even listed.  In the mean time we must have looked at ten or fifteen houses, but either we didn't like the floor plan, or it was too big or there was no yard space at the back,  I still liked this first house by the creek but I hadn't even seen inside, though it looked well cared for on the outside. We hadn't even see the floor plan, never mind looked at what condition the home was in.
From this... this...

Finally it all came together.  The owners had just finished upgrading the home and were ready to sell. We had the inspection and it came through with flying colors.  It has two bedrooms, two baths, an office and a sun room -- as well as the covered deck at the back.  This is a park that quite a number of our church members live in, so we know its reputation.   In this park the home owners own not only the home but also the land it is on. It has excellent security and many other attributes I won't go into here.  Suffice it to say, we put in an offer and it was immediately accepted. It was as if the Lord was just holding it ready for us.

We did our homework too, thoroughly looking into all the pro's and cons checking out possible problem areas.  The inside of the home is in pristine condition even though it is an older home, and the floor plan is ideal.  The people who own it have done a great job keeping it immaculate.

We are continuing to pray that the Lord will smooth the way ahead of us  When everything is in place we will give Him the praise.  God is good all the time!  All the time God is good!

Now comes the REALLY hard part.  Clearing out and sorting through forty years of STUFF.
We still have toys the boys had when they were in grade school.  So one day at a time we are clearing closets and drawers and will be for quite a long time.

For those readers who are not familiar with our Southern California climate, our average year round temperature is 72 degrees and rainfall is 10 inches. Very rarely do we get frost and we have no rain from April to November, so modular homes are quite popular  and very adequate. 

So why all the secrecy? Mainly because my husband was pastor of a large church in town before he retired and is known by so many people. We know many real estate agents, personally, and just wanted to be free to make the right decision without any outside or well meant pressures. 

You can see why my blogging is going to be spasmodic for a while.  The home is move-in ready and we could move in by Easter, so we have to get busy clearing out our home here. But I will be back and will still visit and comment as often as I can.

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Roger Owen Green said...

seriously, I am EXHAUSTED just thinking about how much work you have do to get ready for the big move. good luck in pulling it off

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Hildred said...

A major job, but great rewards at the end. We downsized twice, and now I find I could simplify my life greatly be doing it again!! Good luck, - be ruthless!

Wanda said...

Oh Chris I'm so excited for you. Don't you just love it when a plan of the Lord comes together.

Sounds perfect for this next season of your life. Can't wait to see more.

We downsized from our large our little cottage and love it...Of course the Garage is still full...HaHa.

photowannabe said...

Chris this is fabulous news. I do know what you are going through. We moved for the first time in 41 years (just 5 years ago.)
It does take lots of concerted effort but oh so worth it.
You were wise to do the house hunting on your own. No hurt feelings or having to share too much of your personal business with every body.
Yes, God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
That's a favorite saying at our church too.

snafu said...

I wish you an easy move, it can be exhasting. I have moved house many times and not too long from now we will need to downsize, but don't you collect such a lot of stuff over the years. There is something to say for the gipsy life you don't have too much baggage.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

so now, you are into Livestyle living.

Have you got lots of thing collected over the years?

Reader Wil said...

Well that's a great decision! These past few weeks I have done springcleaning and, like in all the years before, I found a lot of things I really don't need, so I have to give away most of the unwanted articles.
I know how difficult it is to clear out a cupboard let alone a house! Good luck and take care!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Alan Burnett said...

It sounds exciting. Good luck with your move - I am sure you will be happy in your new house, it looks lovely.

Lea said...

Be sure to ask your children what they want to keep from your old house. Then tell them to come and get it!
May the Lord continue to bless you!
Lea's Menagerie

DawnTreader said...

Big job but I'm sure you'll feel very satisfied when you have it behind you. Sounds like you've found a place to be happy with.

Carver said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting and it looks like a great new place for you all. I've been in my house since 1984 so not quite as long as you but I get exhausted every time I consider moving. I'm not retired yet but have often considered that I might be ready to downsize.

Tania said...

Big job! Great for me to see somthing green in your E post. Everything is white around here..:-)

Ann said...

The grounds look so beautiful, the colors are brilliant. What a lovely setting for a new (to you) house. 40 years is a lot to go through, maybe your children will take their childhood toys to their homes. Good luck.

Beverley Baird said...

Congratulations on finding a home so suited to what you wanted! Sounds like you will be busy for ahile.

Melanie said...

Seeing the palm trees makes me homesick. The house looks wonderful. Congratulations and good luck with the packing!

Gattina said...

Congratulations to your choice ! It looks just perfect for downsizing ! The only thought to move out of our house sorting out all the stuff from 43 year, just makes me shiver, lol !
Fortunately our house is not too big and we can stay here.

mrsnesbitt said...

Fab news Chris absolutely Fab! The sorting out will be an inspiration for US all xx

Mara said...

My oh my! I know just what moving house can do. Good luck with all the packing and my advice: get as much help as you possibly can! You will need it to stay sane!!

Good luck with the move. The house looks great and the surroundings are pretty. Hope they have lots of birds for you to watch.

Anonymous said...

The chore of sorting through 40 years of "stuff" can turn up some surprises. That usually means your mind if flooded with memories of the rediscovered item. It happens to me and i suspect it happens to a lot of people.

I don't toy, anymore, with the idea of moving. We got stuck here in 1962 and I would hate to see a newbie take over the property because I would want to know what they are doing to it or what they might do to ruin it. LOL

Still, a southern plantation-type house has always been my dream with that second story wrap-around porch and drinking a cup of coffee while gazing out over the property, with a creek, is an old dream of mine.

At my age I have lots of old dreams and I will turn 79 this October and my wife of 57 years will be 77. So, we do it piecemeal. Had new flooring put down yesterday.


Wow, congratulations for following your instincts and for making such a big move (literally and figuratively)! Good luck as you prepare - downsizing takes work but so worth it! (been there:)

Terra said...

This new place sounds ideal for your retirement home, the office, the porch, near a creek, trees for birds. I think you will love your move. If we ever move, I could see us moving to a similar place; we live in California too.