Saturday, February 23, 2013


Well sort of... You cannot imagine how many trips to the dump my husband has made in the past two weeks.  We've turned up nothing of value, except a box of Legos and a few Hot Wheels.  Much of what has gone is mounds of paper work -- me from my writing and the operation of the school and Barry from his years of travel and church work.  I must have gone through at least two thousand photos.  Kept the ones of family and friends and a few other significant ones which amounts to a couple of hundred total.  It doesn't help to have photographers in the family.

We have filled a few boxes with items from drawers and closets and still have a few more boxes to fill with books -- my Flamborough collection and Barry's theological ones.  We have gathered a bunch of stuff for a garage sale -- have to re-coup a little on the financial side.  Whatever else is left will go to the church's big Garage Sale in May and to the Salvation Army, and some has been given away.

This house is our resource for retirement funds.  Most pastors don't get pensions.  We are fortunate to have this large house and have kept it in good condition. We have already had the outside painted and once we are out, will paint the inside. We close escrow next week.

Then comes the process of selling. We are praying for a fair price.  Not thinking of renting at the moment even though we have two property managers in the family.  But we will face all this after we are settled in the new home.  Looks like we will be moving in before Easter.  Find it hard to believe!  January 24 was the first time we seriously thought of moving.  So it will be about 8 weeks total.  Amazing.

We are continuing to pray for smooth negotiations and operations and then hopefully a normal life once again. If you are someone who prays, please join us in prayer.

No photos today.  Thinking about too many other things.

More news to come.


Wanda said...

It really has moved fast. I'm so very excited for your and MOTH.

Oh I remember how we had to "downsize" before we retired and moved to Southern CA. We still have too much...

Looking forward to seeing your new home.

Terra said...

Things are moving very quickly for you, just a matter of a few weeks rather than many long months. I pray your move and selling will be a blessing for you.

Morning's Minion said...

As one who moved several times in the past decade--usually into an unfinished house that would eventually go on the market--I can say that prayers for sanity and safety are needed. Sorting for each move has been wearisome--we seemed to accumulate again after donations to charity shops, dump runs, determined weeding out.
There are still a number of things here which don't fit in the smaller house and should go away.
Is Scruffy upset by the uproar? Our cats didn't enjoy watching the house come apart box by box.

ChrisJ said...

Scruffy gets a rambunctious with all the boxes and open cupboards. He doesn't get all his naps, so he is very happy when evening comes and we quit all the busy-ness. He sleeps in his bed near the TV all evening. He was more upset with the painters and the noise they made moving ladders and scraping etc. It's quite funny to see because his being upset is more in the realm of frustration than fear.

snafu said...

Don't work too hard, moving house is high up in the stress tables and needs a health warning. I hope it all goes well. I imagine we will have to do something similar one day and I am not looking forward to the clear out that must precede any serious attempts at moving. Do you recall our black cat Dorothy? She moved with us four times and each time was quite at home in each new house. I wish Scruffy a contented move.

Jane and Chris said...

Praying that your move is a breeze!
Jane x

claude said...

Thank you for having visited my Mother in law's blog. She is really very glad.
I am trying to get a translation of your post.

Mara said...

I feel for you! I don't know how much stuff I threw away. There is still stuff I can't find now and wonder where it has gone. Probably gave it away or someone took it away thinking I had no need for it. Or I will be finding it again soon!

Hope the transition goes fine. Get everybody to help you and just do the directing. Makes for an easier move I can tell you!!