Friday, March 1, 2013

Real Progress!

All closets, drawers, cabinets and cupboards are emptied -- except for kitchen..  Many boxes filled.  Much clutter tossed. Garage Sale stuff gathered.

And ESCROW closes on MONDAY!

We can start moving things in at the weekend.

We went for the last walk through this afternoon.  The temps were in the low 80's and all the flowers were out. Beautiful!  It's going to rain next week -- which is to be expected.  We still have about a month more of rainy or showery weather.

Lest you think it's been all work and no play, we have not done any work in the evenings, just to pace ourselves.

Here is the product of my time off -- yes, more doodles.

I'm finding distinctive differences from Zentangles.  Mine are planned and of course in color most of the time.

I choose a shape or design that I want to emphasize and then choose other shapes that are compatible that I particularly like. But I also consider balance and composition.

I'm kind of thinking about colors as I go along, but I do everything out in pencil first, then in ink and finally in color

I saw this on a web page somewhere and loved its crispy, crunchy lines which of course made me think of celery.  So I made my own version and then...

...just had to edit it through Picasa in green.  I SO love this color green.

I experimented with some new shapes in this one.  The colors are more muted too.
I have decided that I don't like my doodles to be too over-crowded and I DO like them in intense color.  The one above is a little too obviously balanced for my satisfaction, but the shapes were not easy to keep in proportion..

I really love doing this kind of artwork.  It lets me feel more free than when I am copying a picture. The colors are bright and rejoicing and the overall design is quite complicated but not cluttered. so there is a sense of satisfaction when they are finished.  With the doodles or tangles I started doing in the beginning I never seemed to know when to stop. Now these are definitely finished when they are finished!

I could come up with better titles I'm sure but for now I'm just naming them to distinguish between them. I think if I decide to display them together I think there should be something more plain and simple between each one -- something like the celery ones, otherwise there is sensory overload.

So now I am developing a philosophy of doodling.!! Whatever I will do with them all I have no idea.  They are drawn on 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches and colored with Prismacolors.

Next week is going to be a very busy week with all the actual moving of stuff, but I have to sit down part of the day and this is probably what I will do.

By the way, Happy St. David's Day

I will have to try to come up with something Welsh for my next Doodle.


snafu said...

We don't use the term ESCROW over here when buying and selling houses and it has caused me a bit of puzzlement, especially when I discovered it is derived from the French for thief. That is where the lawyers come into the process I suppose. Still Wikipedia has now put me right.
Nice patterns, I also prefer the brighter ones. You must have been busy, they look complicated.

kaybee said...

Wow....I am so happy for've been working hard with great success. It all seems to be going so quickly!

And your artwork is exquisite! Colour makes all the difference, but I am so into black and white right now. I think my favourite is Daisies, but they are all beautiful!

Morning's Minion said...

Your artwork takes the term 'doodles' to a high level--I'm imagining these printed as repeats on fine fabric.
I'm glad the packing/moving process is going well. I have always found it utterly exhausting.

claude said...

Hi Chris !
Your pantings are so beautiful.
I undestand you are moving.

Unknown said...

Wow wee I hope your moving goes as smooth as apple pie and won't run into many bumps and bruises not knowing where they all had come from which had happen to me when I had moved out of my small apartment into a house this past summer.

As always I love your art work and hope to be seeing more once you both get settle on in your home.

Its been awhile since I been back to blogging and as of today I just open up a new one and I am officially back to blogging again.

When you get the chance check out my new blog.

Scriptor Senex said...

Gosh - you seem to have done so much despite all the moving palaver. I love those artworks. Teardrops is my favourite. As the size is such that you can display them together I suspect you can have great fun deciding exactly how to organise them.

ChrisJ said...

We try to leave evenings free in order to recover from the day-time hassle. The new house is officially ours. We are now at the point of accumulating stuff which we will take if there is room -- if not --out it goes!