Tuesday, March 5, 2013


H is for HOUSE or HOME

The house is ours -- soon to be made into a home! 

All cupboards, closets, drawers, shelves in this house are emptied -- a major factor after living in this wonderful home for forty years!

Sort into Categories:
1.  Throw out. (Most of this has been done).
2.  Garage Sale (A massive one with lots of good stuff, including extra furniture) 
3.  Packed boxes to be moved from the old house to the new home.
4.  Things to go to the new home IF there is room. (so glad we don't have to completely vacate this house).

Most boxes and furniture will be moved next week. 
Unpacking and placement will be done as energy allows.
Undecideds will be moved if needed, the week after unpacking.
Garage sale sorted, set-up and opened for sale, soon after that.

Preparation for sale of our old home -- mainly painting inside and carpets. Fortunately not much fixing up to do, thanks to my husband's conscientious  ways.

Most major decisions still to be made: To rent or sell.  
If selling, popcorn ceilings are to be removed. (Major undertaking!!) Bless the man (or woman) who came up with the idea of popcorn acoustic ceilings in the sixties!!!

If renting, we have two property management business owners in the family and they will take it over.

It has been like seeing our whole life pass before our eyes. Our overwhelming emotions are what a great and happy life the Lord has given us! Our sons, now in their mid forties, were, one in preschool and the other not yet in any school, when we first came here.

I have no regrets.  This house has been a wonderful home.  Like everything, and everyone else there have been the ups and downs of life, but any 'downs' have ended with 'ups'.  My husband chose the house and I moved in, sight unseen. I will miss my patio but I have a back porch overlooking a creek.  I will miss my Jacaranda tree but I will swing by each May to see it in bloom.

I will not miss my friends and my church because we are moving only a mile down the road and one thing I have learned over the years is that people are more important than things.

The other thing I been saying to myself is the old adage :  "You can't take it with you."

I'm ready to move on to the next stage of my life -- who knows how long that will be, but this I know:

So I've managed to join ABC Wednesday this week, but will have to skip a couple more I suspect.  In the meantime kudos to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger Owen Green for heading up this project. To see many more posts for ABC Wednesday please visit by clicking HERE.


Carver said...

I hope you will be happy in your new home. I've been in my house since 1984 and I dread the day I try and deal with all my stuff if I move. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

kaybee said...

Sounds like you have been (still are) tremendously organized in all this. Praying that your energy level will remain strong, and that the garage sale will go well and be profitable!

Scriptor Senex said...

I hope the move goews well. What I think of as the worst part (packing the boxes) is over. Though I hadn't heard of popcorn acoustic ceilings. It sounds like they are a problem. May the rest go swimmingly.

Unknown said...

I am so thankful that the house that I had moved into don't have that popcorn ceiling, I always hated those cause they were always so hard to keep truly clean.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

home sweet home,

Alan Burnett said...

Good luck with the move. I remember packing everything into boxes when we moved from our last house into this one. There is one box I have never managed to open, I keep telling my wife that I am saving it for a day when I need a surprise. The move was 17 years ago!

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm exhausted looking at your list! Good luck with it all.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Gattina said...

It will be a new start in a new home ! If you remain in the same street, then it's not so bad then moving far away !
Yes and people are more important ! I agree !
ABC Team

mrsnesbitt said...

I LOVE lists! Sign of an organised mind! lol! Reminds me - need to make my list for Sunday lunch on Sunday.

Jane and Chris said...

This next stage in your lives is going to be WONDERFUL!!!
Jane x

Leslie: said...

I truly HOPE you will HAVE a wonderful time in your new HOME. As you say, you can't take it with you and people are more important than things. HOPE to see you HERE again real soon.

abcw team

photowannabe said...

Love your attitude Chris.
God is definitely good all the time and all the time God is good...
I remember our moving too. It will be 6 years in June.
We lived in our home for 41 years, so I know all about packing and purging.
Oh my, I think some things hadn't seen the light of day for a very long time.
We have loved this new chapter in our lives and I know you will too.
Its been the best.

Beverley Baird said...

perfect choice for this week as you prepare for a new home. Sounds like you are well organized and it seems to be a very positive move. All the best as you settle in.

claude said...

Well, You are in your new home.
Long life in it !

Patty said...

Hope you will find much happiness in your new home. I dread the thought have having to move. I told the kids, we'll stay here till we die, then they can torch the place. LOL We've lived here since 1962, that' a long time. If we got ready to sell it would need some repairs, the bathroom is from the sixties, the greenish/aqua colored fixtures. My kitchen cupboard space and counter top are very limited. Abe keeps saying we should increase it, I said why, now that I'm older i don't cook and bake like I did when all five kids lived at home. Chilly here this morning, but I think it's because it's been raining all night and everything is just damp. I've just happy it's not snow. Have a great week.