Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Can't believe we've been here two weeks!  The days have flown by! Out of a list 28 things to do, (added to daily), I have done 24.  Out of 9 things we had to purchase, like lamps, small sofa and bed spread, we have purchased 5 and are holding off on 3 of the other 4 until we have decided if we really need them just yet.

No photos of indoors just yet as some things are just not ready and I haven't had time to take photos.  Also still deciding on exactly what to put where.

But here are some more photos of the back yard. Remember, our yard is only 20 feet measuring from the back porch or deck, then as the land slopes down to the creek that becomes the park's property.

Looking to the right.  Creek very low, but no mosquitoes!

Looking to the left. No mosquitoes but lots of frogs !  They serenade us each night. One fruit tree far left. Creek in background. Large trees not ours. The small leafy green tree in the center is a New Zealand Christmas Tree.  I am researching this one.  We have three and I am not hearing good things about them especially about their root system.  They do apparently bloom in the summer, so that's why the former owners planted them.  If any bloggers have any info about them I would be so happy to hear it.

Same view but from further back. Two fruit trees, center.

Further back still. Third fruit tree has leaves.  White flowers to the left are petunias in a small flower bed. Creek almost hidden down the slope.

Looking from the right towards the deck. Think that is another fruit tree with bare branches at the back.  That is a Royal Robe Potato Vine just peeking round the back of the deck. It needs a little care -- perhaps more water and Miracle Grow.  Ours, at the last house, just bloomed and bloomed, so we are hoping this one will thicken out and become healthier.

View from the deck.

The ice plant is in full bloom as you can see.  The fruit trees (3 or 4) are just beginning to bloom. Can't remember which is which, but there is at least one pear tree and one fig tree. We have been able to sit out on the deck (back porch) for a cup of tea for several afternoons.  The weather has been in the upper 60's so we could have sat out there more often, but have just been too busy.

Well that is the end of the tour of  our 20x40' (just guessing) back yard. We love it!

Back again soon, as soon as I can catch my breath. 


Jane and Chris said...

It's beautiful, Chris, so well laid out that it should be easy to care for so you can spend more time enjoying it from your deck.
Jane x

LOLfromPasa said...

What a great porch to sit on and watch the world go by.

kaybee said...

That's an awesome view from the deck! How's MY room coming along 😃 ?!

Morning's Minion said...

Beautiful vivid colors of the plants in bloom. Weather here has not been conducive to tea or coffee on the porch at any hour of the day. Surely spring will come!

Scriptor Senex said...

Gosh - what a beautiful setting for your home. I'd be sitting on the deck and none of the 28 things would have got done. I hope ypu are very, very happy in your new home, Chris.

claude said...

Hi Chris.
Your moving is finally done.
You live in a very beautiful place.
Nice sight from the deck.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Well, Chris, I missed the vital fact that you were moving, but have gone back a few posts to catch up. You have a wonderfully sensible attitude, both appreciating the memories and looking forward to the next steps. What a beautiful garden and view over the park. And, the worst of the pressure is over. Hopefully, you can relax a little bit now, slow the pace and enjoy the process of settling into your lovely home.

snafu said...

Nice looking place. How is Scruffy taking it all?

Mara said...

Well it all looks amazing. Apart from the frogs, I am not too fond of those. Might have something to do with the fact my cats like to catch frogs and then they make the most awful screeching noise (nails on blackboard).

sandy said...

Looks great Chris - i imagine there are some nice places to walk there. I love your yard. Very pretty and looks easily maintained.

Unknown said...

What a great location you moved to! Would love a creek in the back:) Congrats with your new house! Thanks for visiting me earlier!