Sunday, October 27, 2013


Here are the trees that are showing  signs of fall that wouldn't post on ABC Wednesday.  

The leaves close to the lens and slightly out of focus are actually falling as I took the shot.  

There are a couple of others that are just across the creek that are actually prettier and getting prettier every day. I took this next shot for the sunshine and shadows.
It is by the small golf course that borders the park.

Look at this scruffy old eucalyptus tree (no offense to my Scruffy ! )  I just think it has fascinating texture and the small palm tree shows just how large this old tree is.

I went for a walk by myself today.  I have been walking almost every day since Kay was here in early August.  She gently nudged me to get started.  At first I just went to the first bench by the creek and then gradually extended my walks.  I always go with Barry (since Kay left) because of the vertigo which has reappeared, though it is not quite as bad as it was.  Today I went on my own, down to the bench, across the bridge over the creek, over to the lake, then back to the far side of the creek where there is another bench and home again. A good accomplishment for me. 

The Lake

The temps were in the sixties and it was warm enough to be without a jacket. At the lake the ducks and coots came zooming over thinking I was going to feed them.  The water was kind of scummy there because of the ducks,  The park gardeners have cleaned up all the grass and road from where the ducks make it so messy.  I don't usually go there because some park residents love to feed the ducks and it just gets messy.  I was really surprised to find it all cleaned up.  Our gardeners are SO conscientious.

As I left the lake I saw a turtle sunning itself on a flat rock.  He soon plopped in the water when he saw me. Then I crossed back to the creek again and sat on the bench that marks the furthest point of my usual excursions.  There I saw several phoebes flitting out over the creek and back again. (They are flycatchers).  A lady came by with her dog, a rescued spaniel named Andy. We talked for a while and  I discovered she attends Barry's Bible Study in the park.  I don't go because I use that time to prepare for my Bible Study which is the next day. 

So after my rest on the bench I walked back home, having picked up a couple of light branches (or large twigs) to add to the the tall vase on the deck.  Got home just in time for a cup of tea. 

Next time I must take my camera so you can see where I go.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Tuesday, which is fine because we need it.  I suppose Scruffy will retreat to the back of the closet where his kitty litter is.  He jumps up to a shelf at the back and then sits looking very miffed.  He doesn't like the sound of the rain on the roof of this house.  Well winter is coming so he'll have to get used to it. 

Oh, and here's some good news:  I have discovered the name of the yellow flowering shrub/tree that I showed on my last blog.  It is the cassia fistula or Golden Rain Tree  -- or a variety thereof.

 My, what a long blog I have written today!

See you again soon.


Wanda said...

Chris... I had to laugh today, as I have a friend from childhood name Kris Jones. When you commented on my dearest blog he automatically thought it was my friend. Since she lives in Tucson and had sons, he didn't catch it was not her. When he told me Kris had commented on his blog, I thought how unusual since she doesn't blog. I went to check it out and lo and behold it was Chris Jones...we both had a laugh. He'll know next time.

Your pictures are lovely, and I believe trees are a special gift of God. I love them.

snafu said...

Those trees look very autumnal and make nice photos. Well done with the walking. I hope you do not forget Kaybee's advice too soon. We have just had our first winter gale and many leaves and some whole trees have come down. Roll on spring...

Ercotravels said...

Beautiful color of the autumn!!
Have a nice day.

Morning's Minion said...

Nice to learn the name of the golden-flowered tree. I've noticed leaves falling several times in the background of photos lately--I think my camera is capable of much more detail--if I could be patient enough to learn more about the settings.I enjoyed your walk! I have to say that much as ducks and Canadian geese are interesting to watch they surely do mess up the landscape if they stay for any length of time.
How odd [cat-like] that Scruffy hides from the sound of rain. Several of my cats sit in the window to watch raindrops falling.

sandy said...

Love all the tree photos - you live in a beautiful area.