Tuesday, April 29, 2014


While our PC and my  laptop have been under therapy for almost two weeks, I have not been idle.  A month or so ago I took a photo of our new bench in the back yard which overlooks the creek.  I liked this shot so much I decided to draw it.  It is about 4x6" in size and was drawn with prismacolor pencils.

There are now a couple of small bushes beside the tree on the slope of the bank down to the creek. We are told they are New Zealand Christmas trees.  They look very much like what we call the bottle brush tree, but are smaller in size.  Still they add some nice color on the bank and elsewhere in the yard.  We have four of them all together. 

The lavender ice plant has been a blaze of glory this spring, but it is over now.  And before that there was the vivid magenta ice plant (towards the right of the picture), although it is about over in this photo. The left side of the photo is lavender verbena or it might be lantana.  Not sure which.  We have planted three or four golden euonymous, some on the bank and a couple in pots.  Plants in pots take less water than having to water a whole large area, so since we are in a four year drought  we try to keep the use of water down.  The red pot on the left side of the photo has a kangaroo cactus in it.  Kind of an interesting succulent. Back behind it are an assortment of geraniums.  The blue in the top right is the water in the creek which was fuller than usual because it had just rained.

Here is a better close-up of the kangaroo cactus:

Don't you love my Mexican man too!

Our temps are in the 80's and 90's this week.  Scruffy is flaked out by the sun room door, which in spite of its name actually has a nice breeze coming through it.

Speaking of Scruffy, he has a new trick.  What a love!

There is nothing in my hand because we don't feed him treats or people food, but he gives the tips of my fingers kisses when I do this.

I think we are all fixed up about now on our computers.  It has been a while!  So maybe I will start posting more on my blog.

Blessings -- and I'll be back.


DawnTreader said...

I like your drawing! - and the photos too :)

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, Chris, I so loved this post. The gorgeous plants (and yes, your Mexican Man is spectaular!), your drawing (wow!) and then, to top everything off, dear Scruffy giving fingertip kisses. Here's to no computer problems for a long time to come :)

kaybee said...

Chris, your drawing of the bench overlooking the creek could be a photo - it amazes me how you captured the likeness! As for Scruffy, who could help but love him 💞 !

claude said...

Hi Chris
Very pretty drawing and beautiful garden.
I love your Mexican man.

Kay G. said...

Your garden, wow that just blows me away! I would be out there all the time, even in the 80's & 90's!!
I love your drawing too. I often see flowers and birds that I just wish I could show them in a drawing or painting! Alas, no talent!
Your sweet kissing-fingers cat makes me wish I had a cat again.

Patty said...

Glad to see you back. Like I've said, with Facebook, I don't seem to get around to visit peoples blogs like I sue to. Glad you computers are up and running.You have some beautiful flowers. Our son is coming in Wed. the 7th and leaving early the 11th. So I doubt I'll be on the computer much. Have a great week.

snafu said...

What a colourful garden you have, and the picture, as Kaybee says, could be a photograph. Our best temps so far ar just about 60, which feels good after the freezing cold winds we have been getting.

Barbara said...

Lovely drawing and I like the bench.