Friday, June 20, 2014


THEME:  I want to go to...
CONWY, North Wales

(Water color, pencil and Prisma color pencils)

Conwy, (known in English as Conway, rather than the Welsh version), is a small town located on the coast of North Wales at the estuary of the River Conwy.  It is a walled town with both trains and roads having to go through the walls to get to the town center. It is a quaint town of the middle ages with a large castle built by Edward 1 in the thirteenth century.  

The reason I would like to go back to Conwy is because I have happy memories of our time spent there as a family.  Our boys in their teens were able to scramble all over the castle, up and down towers and waving to me in a heart-stopping way from the top of of the unfenced towers.  We ate dinner at a wonderful fish and chip restaurant across the road from the castle.  In the narrow main street of the town there are some other tea shops where they serve absolutely delicious cream teas, some in Victorian style rooms and some located in small flower-filled cobbled gardens.  There are book shops, art galleries and gift shops full of Welsh crafts. Turn a corner off the main street and you are at the harbor.  There you can find the Smallest House in Great Britain which is approximately 9 x 3 feet with a ceiling height of less than six feet. To crown it all the harbor has enough boats to keep my husband happy and the boys too, for that matter.

One last thing.  I have been to Conwy numerous times and each time the sun was shining! 


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Angela said...

I went there in the 1970s when I was a student- would love to go back sometime.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wow!! I think I need to put Conwy onmy wish list. Your picture of the walls and your description, worthy of a place in a tourist bureau book, makes it most attractive. :o))

Mac n' Janet said...

We've enjoyed a trip to Conway too, but no sun. Lovely little town.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Such a lovely story to go with your impressive drawing. The castle looks very solid and imposing. Great job!

Michael said...

Yes, I quite agree with Twinkle Toes there above. Impressive! Looks so lovely. Great spot for sure is indeed ANYWHERE in WALES> I soooooo love Wales. I ALWAYS tell people that to me it is the MOSt beautiful place on God's green Earth. Funnily enough, in my Pinterest I have a picture of Wales that is THE most pinned of all my pins. I say the same thing there but also add that Wales combines the beauty of England's hedgerowed fields (as you know) with the big sky grandeur of Colorado and all its fresh air. :)

Wonderful drawing. hope you get to go there again one day.

BTw, not sure what part of Southern CA you are in but my win is there right now in fact...sleeping on the beach in San Diego on his way up north. his big first adventure on his own. :)

Thank you, chris, for your addition here. Lovely.

Unknown said...

I say!! Chris you made me cry of homesickness kind of as I am longing to go to Conwy too and all around Wales ( I live in Denmark) I am sure I will go there one day I am sure.

Thank you so much for sharing
Kind regards
PS my contribution is here:

Connie Reeder said...

Chris, I absolutely LOVE your art of the North Wales castle! You have such an intricate way of drawing and painting, yet it makes me feel as if I could do the same easily and that inspires me to keep on painting - I REALLY LOVE IT!

You mentioned on my blog that you have been to Cannon Beach - what a small world it seems to be! When I am in Cannon Beach with my four kids and Husband, I see and hear people from many different languages - it's beautiful!

May God Bless you and your family richly!


Christine said...

lovely work, now I want to go to Wales!

claude said...

It is so good and precious to have happy memories of the past.
Beautiful drawing, Chris.

snafu said...

Looks like I have stirred up some memories with my post on Wales. Conwy is a nice place and it was sunny the day we were there.
I hate to think what it will do to you when you see where we have just been these last few days. Just a clue, the cliffs are white and the coves are small and rocky.

Alexandra MacVean said...

What a fabulous castle. I love it. How fun and I hope you get to travel there one day. :)

Black Jack's Carol said...

I love your watercolour, Chris! There's something about the dreamy sky behind the castle that evokes the beautiful memories you describe of Conwy. Your words were so vivid, my heart flip flopped a little when your boys waved from the towers :) By the way, should you ever find yourself in this part of the world, I would be thrilled to take you along on any of our walks. I should add that it's Black Jack who paves the way for most of our fun meet-ups :)