Saturday, June 14, 2014


The bright lavenders and purples of the spring ice plant have all turned shrubby and woody looking  -- not very attractive.  But I don't mind because they remind me of the heather on the Yorkshire moors after it has bloomed.

So now color pots are our mainstay for the yard, apart from the shrubs which have still to bloom. The bouganvillea is still blooming, I don't think it ever stops.  It is a favorite spot for the birds to survey the scene before making for the feeders.

The beautiful oriole visits many times a day now, with his wife and young son taking their turns at the grape jelly.  I took this photo three days ago.  I was just sitting out on the porch and there he was -- what a picture!

The song sparrow is nesting in there somewhere ... well as house finches and wrens.

The lavenders and purples turn to red and yellow

A pot of lantana...

The New Zealand Christmas tree, though it looks  like a small bottle brush to me...

....the golden euonymous

There are still several other bushes set to bloom as the summer moves on.

No rain for the creek now -- probably not now until October.   Thankfully the park have released a little water so the ducks, egrets and heron are not totally without some to enjoy.

My step granddaughter is doing much better.  She is still very limited in her diet and tires quickly. But she is making great progress.  Thank you for your prayers.


snafu said...

That all looks lovely. Your bird life makes most of ours look very drab in comparison. We did have a robin come and investigate what we were doing the other day when we were trimming down some large bushes, appropriately called Red Robins, and he/she came very close, sitting on the garden fork handle in the traditional way, not at all concerned by our proximity. Pity I did not have my camera handy.

Jane and Chris said...

Your garden always looks beautiful.
Jane x

kaybee said...

Love the colours of the changing seasons. We have actually had spring - and with flowers! - this year. We haven't seen blossom trees for at least two years. Even this year they were not full, but at least with a little colour. Your photo of the oriole is an award winner!

claude said...

Hi Chris.
I have the same bougainvillea but not so big. The oriole is realy a beautiful bird.
Your park is veru beautiful too.
A lot and pretty colors.