Tuesday, August 5, 2014



This is our topic for this week  I believe it has been a very popular book and movie, yet I have never seen or read anything about it before.  That was good in one sense in that I wouldn't have to rid myself of any preconceived ideas.  On the other hand, it was hard for me to come up with something.  Finally I just put pencil to paper and kind of doodled around for an idea or two.  Amazingly this began to take shape and once I'd got started it wasn't hard to finish.

So here we are:  
The Girl with the Red Balloon.

I really wanted to get the feeling of movement.  My husband tells me these are sharks not dolphins, so if they are they are friendly ones.

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lissa said...

wonderful idea. sharks, dolphins, I'm even sure myself but it's still a good idea.

have a great day.

Michael said...

Haha, they could be dolphins on their sides so those are their flappers instead of a sharks' fin! :)
This is a really fun piece, Chris! A totally different --love it. Well drawn too. The colours are so tropical. :)

BTW, you added "https" to the front of your address instead of simply "http" so have fixed it and created the link to go to the actual post itself (http://www.flamblogger.blogspot.com/2014/08/creative-tuesday.html )instead of your home page--that will help others find it easier. :)

Unknown said...

How fun! Adore your little dolphins, too. Awwww...Great take on the CT theme. :)

claude said...

I love the exotic touch of your drawing.

snafu said...

A brisk breeze for sure and as for the dolphins, I would not have noticed had you not mentioned it. Nice picture.

mrsnesbitt said...

Love your art Chris, so natural.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

This is wonderful Chris. I love that she is on a surf board and the balloon and wind are carrying her across the water. You have certainly depicted lots of movement.
Oh and I thought they were dolphins.

kaybee said...

Love this drawing, Chris! Decades from now, it will be hanging in an art gallery somewhere...The Girl With the Red Balloon, by ChrisJ.

The scenery looks a lot like Hawaii!

sandy said...

cute sketch!