Monday, November 17, 2014


Yesterday we celebrated the ninetieth anniversary of our church.  It was started by two ladies as a Sunday School in downtown Carlsbad, in 1924.  Wouldn't they be surprised if they saw it today! There have been three church buildings over the years -- one, a small Mexican style stucco one, the next a stylish A-frame building with a patio, lava stones and stained glass windows, and finally a large two story building with a parking garage in the basement, an elevator, three floors and a balcony, all of which we now call a Worship Center.

First, appropriately because the church started with a Sunday School, we started with the children's choir:

This was followed by someone describing highlights from each decade.  The platform was beautifully decorated with many sunflowers and chrysanthemums.

Since we were there for thirty of the ninety years, my husband spoke about one of the decades:

He doesn't look as old as he does in this photo!  We still attend the church.  I teach a Ladies' Bible Study and my husband fills in for one of the Adult Sunday School classes as well as occasionally preaching on Sundays.

There were more than 500 people there and we had to put up some more tables.  Our Spanish church which uses one of our buildings also joined in the celebration.  It was wonderful to see so many friends, some of whom traveled a long way to be with us on this special occasion.



snafu said...

Congratulations on reaching your ninetieth. One third of it with you two. That is quite an achievement in itself.

Jane and Chris said...

Congratulations to you all!
Here's to the next ninety years.
Jane x

Hildred said...

Wnderful to see such a great congregation.

Black Jack's Carol said...

The faces of those children really touched me. From 1988 on, I was more involved with high school choirs, but before that, I have fond memories of directing elementary school choirs. There really is no sound quite like that of an enthusiastic group of children singing their hearts out. 500 people attended the .. wow! I'm thinking many knew you and your husband (and to me, he doesn't look old at all) and wanted to reconnect. 30 years of service and still active.. that's a wonderful testament to you and your husband's commitment to God and love for the community.