Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Not a very imaginative topic, but then I do love trees.  There is quite an assortment of trees along our creek which definitely adds to the rural feeling of the setting. A couple of days ago one of the park workers came by to look at the trees just off our property and on the bank of the creek.  He told me they will be removing one of the big old pine trees that dominates our view.

It certainly is a very large tree.

The Red Hawk likes to sit on one of the branches and eye our bird feeders, looking to snatch a tasty morsel.  It has three large trunks and must stand a good 50 feet tall.

In addition it leans towards the creek  and if it ever did come down it would take half the bank with it.

One of the really good things about our park is the upkeep of the grounds.  So in anticipation of removing this tree they have planted a couple of others  -- liquid amber and a pepper tree. Here they are waiting to be planted and I'm happy to say they were planted before the day was out. Another happy factor is that the leaves will blow towards the creek and not add to our responsibility.  The gardeners regularly clean out the creek. Later I noticed that they have planted quite a few other trees up and down the creek and recently we had about half an inch of rain.  Greatly welcomed!!

I hope I'm at home the day they decide to bring down the big old pine tree -- should bring quite a bit of excitement.


This is my submission to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger Owen Green's popular meme, ABC Wednesday. To see other contributions from all over the world please click HERE.


mrsnesbitt said...

You would love our garden right now xxxxx

Photo Cache said...

Love trees too, and if I remember them I would have posted them today too.


Roger Owen Green said...

Trees are nice, and importance


snafu said...

So you had trees for T(ea). The world would be that much less interesting without trees.
Seems a shame to lose such a nice tree, but I suppose practicalities come first. We have a huge tree a few dozen yards away from our house, which is in a fairly built up area and I would rather that one was removed. It could come down across any of three houses, not ours fortunately, at any time and it is huge.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you Chris for your trees. I love trees too. We need them and several weeks ago I heard that they need toadstools or mushrooms to grow, and that's why I wrote something about toadstools.
Have a great week, Chris!
Wil, ABCW Team

Gattina said...

Beautiful trees ! Never thought about this word !
ABC Wednesday Team

Black Jack's Carol said...

Felled trees make me sad, especially one as old and beautiful as the Pine that has to come down. I am glad, though, that these things are taken care of for you. Management of trees and creeks involves a lot of work that we sometimes take for granted. I've been appreciating your comments on the blog so much. Thanks, Chris, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love!

Powell River Books said...

I know when trees become unsafe, they have to come down. But it is still a sad thing. In the forest around us lot of trees blow down in the winter. Even young, healthy trees can't stand up to some of the winds we get. - Margy

Beverley Baird said...

Lovely photos of trees!

ellen b. said...

for some reason I haven't been able to comment with my identity above. I'm impressed with your park people who are being so pro-active in taking care of this tree and that they have already planted others to take it's place...

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love trees too, but the raking after the leaves fall off is another thing. You are blessed to have such a beautiful creek behind your home. Blessings!

Dina said...

It is sad to lose a big old pine but I guess they know what they are doing it, removing it.
When I lived at Heifer Ranch in Arkansas a tall pine broke in a wind storm and fell on my bedroom roof, and all the books on my desk were ruined with incoming rain. :(

Chris, thanks for teaching us another meaning of clinkers. The best teachers are those with personal experience of the subject at hand.

Trubes said...

That is an enormous tree, sad to see it go but needs must, Good to see they are being replaced with sapling.
Will you and your neighbours be able collect some of the tree for logs?
Wood burners are very popular here and whenever a tree is felled or comes down in a storm people are scrabbling around to retrieve part of it for logs.
However the local council got wise to this and collect the wood themselves, then chop it into logs and sell it back to the local tax payers. Some locals were not amused and staged a protest but their attempts were thwarted when it was explained to them that the proceeds of sale were for the benefit of all the tax payers not just those with wood burners.
Apparently it has turned into quite a lucrative business and they are donating the proceed to schools for buying new books, which I feel is a good idea!

Best wishes,
ABCW team.

kaybee said...

I love trees too. We are surrounded by decades old trees, and we do get a bit fearful during high winds. Like snafu above, we would like to see some of the older trees taken down before they fall down and do damage, but they are on people's private property and can cost thousands to do the work. We did witness a taking down of one tree, and it was quite an exciting process...well worth watching - from a safe distance! Great post, Chris!