Tuesday, March 3, 2015

H is for....

Here is my sweet, talented and beautiful
granddaughter, Haley.  She is all of 13 years old (going on sixteen!).  Thank you all who have been praying for her.  She is holding her own  and watching her
diet.  Recently she has been doing some wonderful artwork, some of which seem to have been inspired by the zentangle style which my sister Kaybee and I have introduced to her.

Her 'step-father', my son, took this delightful photo.  It's a keeper.

She so obviously has a natural talent, which I'm sure will grow and bloom far beyond my capabilities. I love this flower.  So simple but beautifully drawn.

Something I would never have thought of drawing.  Expressive with wonderful details. Look at those little 'curly-bobs' under the mask,  each one facing the other.

Here come the tangly ones.  I like the soft blurry lines in the one above.

And how's this for a variety of shape fillers?  The little red heart is a perfect touch.  I will have to study these to see all the different patterns she has used and then try some out on my work.

Forgive me for bragging about my granddaughter but she is the only one I have and such a delight!

This is my contribution to ABC Wednesday -- letter H.  If you would like to see more enterprising and interesting contributions to this project, started by Mrs. Nesbitt and continued by Roger Owen Green and his team of helpers, please click HERE.


snafu said...

She is really showing talent. Thewy are really good. Glad she is doing well health wise. It must be difficult for her to keep to the right diet.

Wanda said...

She is beautiful, and certainly has her grandma's talent.

One of the rules of Grandma, is we can BRAG!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree brag away, we all do it!! Glad she is feeling a bit better.

Kay G. said...

Oh, Haley is so beautiful and talented!!
I LOVE all of her art, I really do. When she is a famous artist, I will remember this post!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your granddaughter Haley is not just beautiful, but VERY talented too. Happy ABC Wednesday and Blessings!

Roger Owen Green said...

Brag on, Chris! Very talented and lovely.


Terra said...

Haley is very talented, and I believe it is the law that grandmas get a free pass to brag on their grandkids.

Indrani said...

Such a sweet smile. I wish her all the best in life!
Happy ABCW!

Alan Burnett said...

Great skill and a fine imagination - a powerful combination. The drawings are a pleasure to look at.

Gattina said...

She is very talented !

ABC Wednesday team


Reader Wil said...

You are quite right to brag about your beautiful and talented granddaughter! She is the second great artist I meet today. The first one is Meoww, who draws doodles.
I hope your granddaughter will be soon healthy again.

God bless, ChrisJ

kaybee said...

What a lovely photo of Haley, she is a beautiful young lady! Her art is amazing...she could sure teach me a thing or two (or ten)! I absolutely love the flower especially. I am very proud of my great-niece!

Obsessivemom said...

Her work is so beautiful and so intricate. You have every right to brag.

Anonymous said...

I would be proud too.

Patty said...

Grandmas have every right to be proud of their Grandchildren. She is a beauty and very talented as well. Good luck to her in the future with her artwork.

We're getting more snow this evening. My one daughter had to drive me to Greenville to the lawyers office. Still the mess from the accident this past May that caused my Mother's death.

Hope you're in good health. and you're having some beautiful weather.

This is Wed. the day I have to refill Abe's and my pill keepers for the week. Then get my trash cans emptied, it goes tomorrow morning.

claude said...

Really, she is very beautiful and talented like her Grandmother.
Her flower is very beautitul.
I like very much your "Under the leaves".

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh Chris, this just warms my heart! Haley is absolutely stunning, as is her art. Loved every single one of her art pieces, and enjoyed the obvious pride in your voice too. It's a grandma's right, and indeed, role, to express appreciation for the talents and beauty of their grandchildren. That's not bragging.. it's love. Way to go, Haley!

Also happy to see a comment here from KayBee. Hadn't realized she has a blog, so stopped by and left a comment for her.

Coming back to catch up on your other posts. In the mean time, sending hugs and love!

Anonymous said...

Brag Grandma. Happy she is coming along with her diet to make her well again.

She sure has art talent. She looks older then her age.

Pretty young teen.