Sunday, May 24, 2015


It's been a week of up's and downs -- mostly ups.  Once I got word from the hospital that that nasty movi-prep wasn't necessary, the surgery was a breeze!  In at noon, home by 6;00 pm. No pain , just a little soreness and stiffness.  They think they got the adhesions from past surgeries that were causing the problems.  I'll know more after the follow-up appointment.  Thank you Lord!

Can you believe it we have people actually come to the front door to say how much they like the improvements we have made to our front yard!  It is quite simple (see two posts ago) but I guess quite effective.  The large stones were more expensive than we had anticipated but we decided to bite the bullet, because they'll be here longer than we will, they will take care of the drought problem and they won't blow away with the leaf blower.

I've been lured on to facebook, (I said I'd never do it....) mainly because my past students need someone to contact for their school records now that the school is closed.  But I have discovered the fun of catching up with old high school friends (60 years ago!) and others along the way, not to mention some new friends from Flamborough where I lived all those years ago, with wonderful photographs, enough to make me homesick.

Now if I can get myself together to do something exciting I'll have something more to blog about.

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.

FOOTNOTE -- PHOTOS from my old High School -- Bridlington High School for Girls, E. Yorks:

The gym complete with climbing ropes.

The Great White Hall

The Magnificent Elm Tree that once was struck by Lightning

I'll be back!


kaybee said...

Don't forget those parallel beams in the gym, that would be lowered, and that we would have to do gymnastics on. I am afraid these photos only confirm my high school miseries...not good memories at all 😒 I am glad that yours were good ones! But still, if you have any more photos of the interior of the school I would really like to see them.

I also am SO grateful that all went well with your surgery, and trusting now for no more hospital visits for you!

snafu said...

Good to know you are through the surgery and on the up. That photo of your school gym looks so much like the one from my old school in Barnet.

Gill - That British Woman said...

glad everything went be well. Wanted to mention that I saw some zentangle books in our book store and thought of you. They were quite expensive I thought at, at least $15 CDN. The lady was saying they are good for relieving stress? As I have a $10 gift card, I may treat myself to one.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Goodness, I read this and planned to come back to comment but didn't. So happy that this surgery is over! Hoping that the follow-up appointment will be more good news and that you are regaining your strength. I'm not surprised many have stopped by to comment on your wonderful landscaping. It is truly beautiful! The school I attended for all of my elementary and high school years was a fairly modern one for the time, so the gym looked quite different from the (fascinating) one you show here. Yours looks like the one that was at Trafalgar School for Girls in Montreal. I taught piano there while I was still attending university.) We did have climbing ropes in my school, however, and it occurred to me as I looked at your photo that we don't see those in today's school gyms. Just one of many changes, I guess. Will pop over to your most recent post. It has triggered some thoughts.

Gattina said...

Nice updating ! Good that you feel rather well since you came out of hospital !

ABC Wednesday

Barbara said...

Glad all went well. Facebook is so addictive but I would find it hard to be without it after all this time. Keeps me so in touch with people. Also takes time away from blogging!

Michael said...

You are funny, Chris! I didn't realise there was anyone left who refused to go on Facebook but me and there you were all along. I have my biz one which is connected to Alex's but no personaly FB but unlike you have as yet managed to avoid the temptation. It would be good to reconnect with some people but might make me sad too, I suspect. I don;t know.

Glad you are feeling fairly better and things went well there too.