Friday, November 25, 2016


The last turkey dinner I cooked, 2013

So yesterday was Thanksgiving.  We had a very nice quiet day.  My family know that gone are the days of my cooking a large turkey dinner!  Both boys are either away or traveling so there were just the two of us.

About 2:30 p.m. we wandered (in the car) down towards the ocean where we visited The Claim Jumper, one of our favorite restaurants.  We knew they were fully booked but they said that if we just walked in they would probably be able to  fit us in -- and they did! There were 8 or 10 couples with reservations waiting in line.  We just went up to the counter and flashed our "Tom Landry" club card and they seated us right away.  This is a membership card for the restaurant where we get points for every time we choose to eat there, a free meal for a certain number of points and a free meal on our birthdays.  Not a bad deal since the food is excellent and the servings large.  We had the turkey dinner of course -- 4 large slices of carved turkey, vegetables, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, preceded by a salad and followed by pumpkin pie.  The really good thing about this restaurant is that there is always way more than we can eat at one sitting so we get leftovers boxed up.  Guess what we had for dinner tonight?.....Another turkey dinner!!! Since I don't care for pumpkin pie we took our desserts home too and Barry had mine this evening. But don't feel bad for me because he went to the grocery store and bought gelato tiramisu for me.YUMMY!!!

I didn't waste all day on the laptop today.  Although I WAS on the laptop, I wrote my article for our News Magazine.  Nothing very earthshaking, but at least I finished it before the deadline, December 11th.  I joined the publications committee of the HOA a couple of years ago, consequently I frequently contribute articles and photographs to the News Magazine, which helps to keep me out of mischief.

That's all for now.  See you again later.


snafu said...

I tried to leave a comment and it vanished, if this works Iwill try again

snafu said...

Second try- We often have turkey at our local carvery, but not for any special day, it is available year round nowadays. It is still the traditional Christmas lunch, not like when we were children and chicken was the rare treat we were served at Christmas. There was not a lot of meat around then owing to rationing and shortages. Very few places over here offer free meals if you join a club, more often than not, just free coffee when you collect enough points on a card.

Trubes said...

I love roast turkey with sage and onion stuffing, pigs in blankets, roasted parsnips and potatoes, with chestnuts and sprouts, carrot and turnip mash, garden peas served with lashings of Turkey gravy and not forgetting cranberry and port sauce ....Yummy.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving but Christmas is the high and holy day, of course with the ubiquitous Turkey dinner.
Alot of people say they don't like turkey and it's too dry...that's because it hasn't been cooked properly IMHO !
Welcome back to Blogland Chris,
Best wishes,
Di xx.

Kay G. said...

Hello there! Welcome back to blogging!
Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving.
Very good news to know you are back! Take care.
Love, Kay

kaybee said...

I'm surprised you didn't bring home the Claim Jumper's chocolate cake! So glad you had a happy Thanksgiving. Eyes fixed firmly on Christmas now. Not too much time left for shopping. Most of the decorations are up, just need to work on the tree, and we'll be done. DOTH is in Pennsylvania shopping her heart out - hope she finds some good sales!

Unknown said...

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