Monday, November 28, 2016

Two Luxuries


I have two luxuries, which I suppose I could live without but I wouldn't want to.  The first is to get my hair done every week.  Now the photo above doesn't exactly look like I just had it done but  that's because it is supposed to have the 'tousled' look.  My beautiful beautician took the photo just a few minutes after it was finished.  She really does a wonderful job.  It takes very little to look after it -- just the "Freeze and Spray"  hairspray which is quite strong, but very necessary as my hair has a mind of its  own.  I can't believe how old I look here.  My hair color is natural.  I wanted to take a photo to compare with others taken a year or so ago.  Perhaps I shouldn't have.  But this is my birthday photo.  Christmas Day I will be 79.  I really don't believe it.  I don't feel a day older than 69 -- but obviously I look it.
UGH!  I remember now why blogging was such a chore!  I CAN'T get the underline to turn off.  What a pain!  I'll just have to continue writing and try later to turn the thing off.  Sorry!  Blogger has a mind of its own too!The second luxury is to have lady who comes to clean the house every two weeks.  What a blessing that is!  It means we have to put away stuff we've been working on or just left out.  There is'nt much to do in the kitchen since I don't cook a lot.  The dust is the biggest problem.  The house is quite old, though it doesn't look it, but it certainly gets a lot of dust.  That is partly because I have the front door open most days.  Our large living room windows face south and the sun keeps the house nice and warm.  With the doors open we get a beautiful breeze right through the house. Lovely!We had about half an inch of rain yesterday and expect another half inch tonight.  We badly need the rain.  Have had water rationing most of the summer.
I'll be showing you a few changes we have made in our back yard in my next blog and a couple of pieces of my artwork too.  Then I have to tell you about the big excitement I have coming up next weekend.  See you soon.


snafu said...

You are too hard on yourself, I would not have picked you out for being 79 from that photo. You are looking better than me. One of the scary things about growing old, is that now and again when I look in the mirror I can see my mother looking back. Not actually her, you understand, after all I am a man, but I can suddenly see the family resemblance. That never happened when I was younger.
The underlining is not a text underline, it is a hyperlink that has somehow got implanted in your text. It takes you to the photo if you click on any of your text. Go to the the 'posts' page and click 'edit' look for the underlined option 'Link' on the top of the text window Highlight your text and 'remove link' with this tool.

kaybee said...

You really don't look 79 Chris, and that's a lovely photo you! Please say 'hi' to your beautician for me....I wish I could import her to Canada! It's interesting that, as sisters, our hairstyle is very similar, yet I have to have a perm to keep mine looking the way it does - yours is natural. I am definitely a tad jealous😠

Glad you are having some rain - we are having spring weather at the moment...and enjoying it while it lasts!

ChrisJ said...

Thanks Pete! I think that fixed it. If not I'll try again. Hopefully I will remember what to do next time. When I look in the mirror I often see Auntie Kath and once in a while, my mother.

And thanks, Kay. I wish I were wearing a nicer top and a necklace. I wasn't intending to have a photo taken. We didn't get the second promised rain, just some drizzle. But the first rain was good.

Trubes said...

Hi Chris,
Welcome back to Abcw, I've missed your interesting posts.
I too have the same luxuries as yours, a weekly hair do and a
cleaning lady whome comes every other week just like yours.
Your hairstyle is lovely too, a good hairstylist in invaluable,
and a cleaner is a must for 'ladies of a certain age'!
Welcome back again dear Chris,
Best wishes,
ABCW team.

Reader Wil said...

Welcome back Chris. Thank you for your respectful comment. I dislike Trump, because of his remarks especially those about women. They remind me of the war when women were put in concentration camps for women and children in Java. These women were humiliated and abused by the Japanese soldiers, but they took care of the children. They were brave and strong mothers and thanks to them many children survived.I appreciate the careful way you wrote about your opinions. Of course the media are not always honest, but What I heard him say about women was enough to make me feel hurt. He is going to be a role model and many young people will feel free to do what he said, beating gay people, treating foreigners disrespectfully and like dirt.Frankly Chris there has never been an American President like Donald Trump, so vulgar, so rude!
Dear Chris, your hair do is brilliant. You look wonderful. I hope to see you next week again.

photowannabe said...

Welcome back Chris. I haven't seen you on ABC for ages.
I think you look terrific and that hair style is very becoming.
I really do hate when Blogger has a mind of its own. It's so frustrating.

MelodyK said...

If you are able to give joy to yourself, you are able to give it to others... nothing wrong with that is it?

Wishing you lots of more joy !!

Have a nice ABC-day / - Week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-team)

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Your hairstyle is exactly what I'd like, but my hair is the wrong consistency. In your late 70s? I wouldn't have thought so. Your youthful spirit keeps you looking physically young. I wouldn't mind having someone come in to dust and vacuum. Good for you.

Leslie: said...

I love your hairstyle, especially the back. I wish I could wear my hair a lot shorter than I do, but because of my round face, I usually wear is about chin length. And whether one "needs" help in the looks department, who cares! If you WANT to have your hair done every week, then do it! And you certainly don't look your age!

abcw team