Friday, February 16, 2007


These are photo ATC's -- actually part of a photo,
but in this case I just had to cut off the extra sky.

No, I know it's not the Fourth of July, (or Guy
Fawkes Day for those of British background)
but I was having trouble posting the ATC's
(wrong format) and had these ready to go.

I thought they came out quite well. ABJ took
these last year. Firework photos never come
looking as good as they were.

But these are pretty good, I think.


But if you want CUTE...

Bailey and Levi last year.



Alas! Something exploded in them and we had
several massive cat fights, so poor Levi was chosen
to go back to the original owner. But I hear he is in
a nice home now. It's hard to believe, because they
had seemed so
close for a whole year.

So now Bailey reigns supreme. He's really King of the Castle.


kaybee said...

OK, Chris -- Those ATCs are masterpieces -- well done!!

ChrisJ said...

I have a new blog opening at chrisscomment.blogspot .com. Just an introduction there at the moment but some comments coming very soon.