Monday, February 26, 2007


The one thing I don't like about blogs is that so many of them are "me " centered. I realize they are supposed to be like a journal of daily happenings in a writer's life, but written journals are usually private.

I kept a diary (or journal), from the age of 12 until I was 20. I think I did it
because I liked being able to go back in my life and see if and how I'd changed as a person -- my opinions about people, movies, events. Interestingly enough I stopped keeping a journal about a year after I met my husband -to-be. Just lost interest. Imagine every single day for 8 years I wrote in my diary. Perhaps I just wanted to record what were my first impressions of the man I would marry. I know I just lost interest in journaling once I knew we would marry. Interestingly too, I just recently went back and destroyed all my old diaries. Believe me there was nothing earth shaking in them. I'm 69 now and I don't want anyone else reading all that teenage nonsense!

I do like keeping track of my
friends by blogs, and I did learn about ATC's through blogs, but so many I've read just promote" what a wonderful person I am" or "how sorry you must feel for me". Your real friends are interested in that, but casual readers like me are just hoping to broaden their horizons a little, I think. But then again, I don't open up easily to people, and I don't think people are all that interested in my daily ups and downs, so I'd rather write about concrete things. It is nice to be able to share a little about things you have created or new things in your life that someone else might identify with.

So with that in mind I share my latest three ATC's just to inspire you to try them for yourself:

Green and Blue Butterfly

Nature"s Textures
Blue Orchid and Red Berries

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kaybee said...

Since I started reading your blog, I have began looking at others, and I think you are right - so many of them are 'me' centered, and to be honest I haven't found one I like to read as much as I like yours. Many of them don't even make sense to me!

I have kept a journal every year for the last 10 years, and continue to do so, but I like to write in the front, what Jim Elliot used to write in front of his journals:

"I write like I talk -- without thinking much beforehand -- and sometimes I spiel stuff that were better left in the ink with anything perplexing, throw it out, discounted as an abortion sprung from a mind that is at times over-productive to its own hurt."

I am hoping though, that should anyone, including my children, read them after I am gone, they will think on me with mercy in their hearts according to the above! Because actually, while there is a lot of stuff that won't interest them, there is also a lot of GOOD stuff in them. Lots of lessons learned over the years that could stand them in good stead, in their own lives!

Your ATCs are getting better all the time! I really like these latest ones.