Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fires and Emergencies

Sorry no blogs for a day or two. I'm not supposed to be on the computer. Had to go to emergency for bad, bad, pain. Turns out it is my sciatic nerve. Could have been anything from kidney stones to pulmonary deep vein thrombosis -- or something! Came just as all the fires broke out at about 3:00am Monday morning.

We are in a small semicircle on the coast between Camp Pendleton and Del Mar, where there were no evacuations -- but my doctor was evacuated. He was scooting out of the door as I came in. Saw him today. He and his family are safe. The pharmacies are overrun with evacuees seeking medication they'd left behind. Banks are closed, many stores closed because personnel had to go home to evacuate, schools are closed for the week , probably no mail tomorrow and the fires burn on.

The wind truly becomes the "Devil Wind" because with all the canyons, valleys and mountains they swirl around at hurricane force in some places. Temps in the eighties and nineties. We were among the fortunate few who did not have to evacuate, but I kept my eyes glued to the TV -- from a prone position. This patio lady will take photos when she can comfortably move, to show you the "fire-snow" where I usually sit. Had to put out extra water for the birds and poor Bailey is thoroughly spooked because it looks like twilight and the smell of smoke is so strong. Actually the sky this afternoon was a dull orange -- not fire, just sun through the smoke. (Sounds like a song). Nearest fire to us was 15 minutes away, but the worst ones were only about a half hour away in any direction.

I will return with photos as soon as I can sit without pain.


Anonymous said...

Be safe. It is a terrible thing. I wonder if some people will begin to assign blame? Seems like that always happens.

Anonymous said...

We were wondering how close you are - thanks for the update - you are in our prayers...what a horrible scene.

Wanda said...

So sorry to hear of your pain! Get all the rest you need! We will be here when you get back!
Saying prayers for you :)