Tuesday, October 2, 2007

California Towhee

The California Towhee (is it 'tow' as in 'cow' or 'tow' as in 'toe'?? I don't know), has been visiting us regularly every day but has been too quick for me to take his photo. At one point I think we had a Mr. and Mrs. Towhee, but I've only seen one lately. Anyway I managed to get a few fuzzy photos, but nothing worth posting, but I got him today! Notice he is mostly brown with a reddish tinge under his tail. On his neck he has a small speckled patch and that area is reddish brown also.

I have been sitting out on the patio every day for almost two weeks. The weather has been gorgeous and I have done a lot of reading and writing. At the same time I keep my eyes and ears open. The Wilson's Warbler has been back every day since I last took his photo. But there has been no sign of goldfinches since before Mother's Day, which is when I put our thistle feeder up. But we do have a couple of pretty fat house finches who have had the patience to peck away at the thistle seed. In addition I watched about 50 or more (I stopped counting) crows going back to roost late afternoon, yesterday. I think they roost in a copse of eucalyptus trees not far away.


Anonymous said...

Ah, its the bird woman of the patio! I admire your patience and your joy of sitting outside for hours at a time!

ChrisJ said...

I thought that was what you were supposed to do when you were retired!
I don't have the grandchildren you have to keep me out of mischief like you do and I'm not in the least bit domesticated as per making jam, canning fruit etc.

Wanda said...

I can picture you there, book in your lap, camera in your hand, enjoying God's little bird.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. I have always called them "toe" hee. But I have been known to make mistakes. LOL.

It is a nice bird. One I seldom if ever get to see. Though I did see a gray catbird the other day and that was the first one.

I posted pictures of the Brown Thrasher yesterday and this morning I did the red-bellied woodpeckers. Male and female on my birds blog.

Berni said...

Not like the towhees we have in BC quite different in fact ours have much clearer markings of white black and orange. I believe it is tow as in cow.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Amazing you could remember that snowstorm you were not that old.