Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Feeding the Birds

So I've been throwing out seed to feed the birds and now look what's happened!

Where did he -- sorry, she,--come from? She has now been living with us for a couple of weeks. I think she belongs to the Spanish family next door. We've told them several times but all they say is, "Is it the brown one or the white one? She keeps getting out of her cage." ....There's a brown one?? I sent another message today but they've made no attempt to come and get her. So since we either have to put up with the chicken, or stop feeding the birds I decided we'll put up with the chicken. She stays pretty much in the semi-enclosed area outside the den, which we were attempting to turn into a small ornamental garden. Perhaps we can pretend she's a peacock! I have decided to call her either Harriet or Henrietta, whichever name I can think of at the time. Actually, for Bailey, I call her "Chucky chuck" Not very sophisticated I know, but Bailey is rather put out.

If I find any eggs, are they ours or the neighbors? Since this is a bantam, (drawing upon my childhood memories of chickens kept in the village), do bantams lay eggs? I am paying for the seed. How much seed does a chicken need any way?

The other problem is that it is going to rain and I'm just soft enough that I don't like to think of it out in the rain, so........

It's a cat tent house which Bailey never took to. Honestly, I must be nuts! Now I'm thinking, my cat-sitter who will come at Thanksgiving will now have to be a chicken sitter as well. I wonder if she will mind. Life is never simple.


Wanda said...

Oh Chris, great pictures, and great stories! I got such a nice smile and good feeling from your post today! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a good story and made me smile too. And go to get a second cup of coffee.

Nice chicken. I like them.


Libbys Blog said...

Bantams do lay eggs and they will only eat what they need. Sadly I think you will find she will go home to lay.

kaybee said...

I've heard of 'a cat in the hen-house' but never 'a hen in the cat-house'!

Poor Bailey!

Werna Gail said...

Thanks for the comment on my post about my little Manx momma. Your cat is adorable. If that chicken goes in that "house" I hope you get a picture of it....and if you fine any eggs I'de say they were yours! BE BLESSED:-)

Berni said...

Thanks for the hints about the lights. A appreciate that I have told my husband because he used to suffer from SAD in the lower mainland although he is much better now.

I loved you chicken story. It looks like an awfully small chicken though.

I think I saw you at Danielle's blog. Please drop by again.