Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hidden Secrets

In case you should think our back yard is all beautiful, I would like to quickly disabuse you of that notion.

Because we live on a circle we have a larger than usual back yard -- a semi-circle that goes around the house and is about 30 or more feet wide in most places. We really only take care of the south and east sides where the patio and the deck are.

The north side is the blighted side -- but very necessary, as this is where a lot of yard 'junk' accumulates. There we have a couple of potting tables and a bunch of stuff we no longer use, or may use in the future.
The previous owners, thirty-five years ago, had a beautiful rose garden -- one bush to each section you see here. There was also a fantastic dwarf orange tree in one section, but it had to be done away with. It got some kind of blight and California oranges have to be protected and this was a registered tree. The deck was originally here, to the right, but MOTH moved it plank by plank to the south-east side. The bushes up in the corner are very popular with the birds, but too far away for me to see from the patio.
We once had a play house for the boys when they were kids, right about where I am standing to take this picture.
And of course here is the inevitable trash can corner. Henrietta's roosting tree is just above the palm leaves.
So now you know our secret. Couldn't have you thinking all was perfect and that we're not normal.


Anonymous said...

I was fascinated by the previous owner's use of space and dividing it with timber into geometric shapes in which she/he planted a single rose. An idea that crossed my mind but mine would be along more primitive lines. I am really up to my ears in lawn grass and have been for the past 46 years. We had to have it for most of those years to keep our dog's feet clean or free of mud between the toenails. So we had grass and still have grass. It is about as useless as those things on the underside of a bull that people pull on a cow. So I want to take a section at a time and convert it into more primitive surroundings that benefit wildlife. And the rose bed really ignited my thoughts along those lines. Sorry for the lingering sentences.

ChrisJ said...

Any sentences are always good to read from you, Abe. Mine are always sprinkled with exclamation marks! We have no grass, it's all supposed to be low maintenance and especially low use of water.

Jose said...

Well the secret is out. lol I would love to have a huge backyard. Mine is small and the swimming pool takes half the space but here in Phoenix a pool is a necessity.