Friday, June 13, 2008

Mary, Mary,.....

My garden is growing very well right now, thank you. The plumeria has three stems like these, promising flowers soon.

Remember Scarecrow and how he was treated in such an undignified manner by Henrietta? Well after all the petunias died I just stuck him at the base of the plumeria, and look --a moss rose re-seeded itself, and doesn't Scarecrow look pleased!

Then there are these lilies that have re-bloomed from last year and have yet two more buds to open.

And the beautiful blooms of the jacaranda tree are so perfect. The jacarandas have been outstanding this year.

Can't wait until MOTH gets home and we can put out some more flowers. It's going to take a while because he has mountains of snail mail and e-mail to go through.


claude said...

Your garden is very beautiful, Chris ! I can see your do the same thing that me. I lookt at my flowers and plants every morning. I post some of my flowers ine a few days.

Wanda said...

Good Morning Chris:
I can't believe how living in Southern CA is so flower and plant friendly. Every thing I stick in the ground, grows ~~ amazing since I've never had a green thumb.

Your flowers are lovely too. I love being surrounded by them. I love sitting in our gezebo and reading and just looking at the flowers over the edge of my book.

Was just gifted with a Novel, called Jesus (can't remember the author) the book is on the table by my chair outside ~~ started it yesterday, and I think it's going to be good reading.

Have Fathers Day to all those in your family that are~~

Anonymous said...

Wanda has got to watch her thumb if she sticks it in the ground. LOL

I love these photos and while the plants are all greek to me I still like them. Oh I do have lilies that are doing their level best to pop open on this day, Father's Day.

Betty F said...

BEAUTIFUL Photos of Beautiful Flowers Chris. Your Garden is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - fantastic flowers! We are still trying to warm up - cool and breezy (read windy) most days! I remember 1 summery day in May - or was it April?????

Jose said...

Even though I am not a flower kindda guy I do appreciate your pictures. Seems you do have a very pretty garden.