Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jose's Mexican Friend

Both Wanda , Brush Strokes From the Heart and I, found Jose's Arizona...But its a Dry Heat photo of a man he met while visiting relatives, intriguing. Wanda uses watercolors and is working on a second attempt at portraying this. I procrastinated and just got started on my ATC (miniature) version yesterday. I use Prisma color pencils and pen. Jose's photo just begged to be reproduced. The man is such a character. To see the original photo go to Jose's blog and look in his July 2008 archive.

I will eventually post this one on my Prismacolor blog as well, so that all my ATC's and paintings are in one spot, as well as here.


Wanda said...

Oh Chris you did a marvelous job... WoW, I can't wait to hear Jose's comment.

You really captured the essence of the whole scene. You have inspired me to get my on the road again.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful work! I need to go see this Arizona blog. (I love going there) Think I'm going to bed now, though. It's past midnight and it's raining - perfect time. :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey Chris I loved this illustration! Could I borrow it for a card idea I have?

Sorry to confuse you, Elsie is our other german shepherd, definately Jon's dog. Wilma is mine, Ella the puss and Jo the goose.


ChrisJ said...

Hi Denise:

I have no problem with you borrowing my Mexican man card but I think you should probably ask Jose also, since the original photo came from him. He's at
If this doesn't get you to him try clicking on the link under my drawing (Arizona...But it's a Dry heat). He's a very nice guy and friendly blogger. Great family man.

Betty F said...

What a great sketch. I'll have to check out his blog.. And despite what "they" say... it's not always a dry heat!!

Jose said...

Chris, this is absolutely fabulous. This is one of two characters walking around the church before the mass started and as I was going around with my camera they literally begged to be photographed. I was not going to pass up such invitation and took the shots. This particular individual asked how far were these photos were traveling? I told them that at least to Arizona but little did we all know that throught the magic of blogland these images can now be seen all over the world and I am sure that this man would be 100% honored to know that his image has been reproduced by two very talented ladies into paintings.

I'll be highlighting this in my blog too. I am so honored you guys like my images enough to reproduce them in your paintings.

About the doorway, I can email you the jpeg just send me your email to

kaybee said...

I just checked out Jose's original photo -- you did a fantastic job, Chris. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Your talking about Prisma Colored Pencils brought back a lot of memories. I used two large sets of them for many years. Finally gave the sets to two of my girls.

This is a nice drawing.