Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Visitors -- Night and Day

Look at these cheeky things! There's three of them on top of the feeder!

This was the biggest. His tale goes up and over the top, so you can see how long it is.

Caught in the act! Much good clearing the leaves and undergrowth did. This was 8:00 last night. I made a change in the seed today so we will have to see if they return. I'm not about to feed the whole neighborhood.

I'm not really into butterflies but MOTH drew my attention to this one. I was able to take quite a few photos and also track down its identity.

It is a Gulf Fritillary, and those large white blobs underneath are actually metallic silver. Quite spectacular.

I'm not sure if I like to be too close to butterflies. They are very beautiful to look at, but I don't want them flying around me. You could never get me into those large netted butterfly houses at the zoo.

The hawk was flying around today in ever narrowing circles over the house. I was watching from an upstairs window and it was quite interesting to see his ominous shadow gliding across the roof of the garage. I don't think he visited the bird feeding area.

I don't know if the tree rats were back again tonight. We were out visiting friends and the rats tend to come early in the evening. Probably get too stuffed to stay any longer!!


claude said...

I prefer to get the pretty visitor with wings and colours, in my garden but unfortunately I do never see any butterflies in it.
Chris !Sorry but I suggest you to condense your text. It seems we cannot see some pictures.

ChrisJ said...

Claude: Tonight you must have been visiting just as I was posting and editing -- and re-editing because I just closed out the blog then went to check it one more time and there was your comment! Very fast communication there! Please let me know if you have had this problem with other posts and I will see what I need to do. Thanks for visiting!

claude said...

The song "the people of north" says exactly you told. They are in their heart the sun they have no ouside and in your eyes the blue of sky they do not see often.
In nothern France, the weather if often grey. In a village not really beautiful I find this very nice church. Tomorrow another post about North and the last on next week.
Thanks for visiting at my blog and your kind comments.
Glad to help you. Do not worry, at the beginning of my own blog i did the same.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oooooh! How exciting to see all this going on Chris.
We were watching "Northern Skies" last night on TV. It is a weekly feature from a helicopter flying over the area. Last night it covered the Cleveland way from Helmsley to Filey. Jon shouted.."Look, there's Flamborough Cliffs!" I had to laugh, we are both your official faithful Flamborough spotters now. LOL! Have a good weekend, not sure what we are doing, depends on the weather. We have to drive to Leeds today re Jon's business but I'll take the camera.


Jose said...

So you like to entertain, I will have to add myself to the list of visitors. lol I am still not sure about having rats visit me but the halk and the butterflies would be welcome.

Wanda said...

Oh Chris..... You made me laugh out loud when I got this mental picture of you in your nightgown and camera crawing in you back yard to get your "Night Shots"

Well, I was worth it, these are extraordinary pictures...

Love and Hugs

ChrisJ said...

I'm not nearly so energetic as that Wanda! The truth is my computer is by the den window and my camera is by the computer. The bird feeder is about 15 feet from the den window. So lazy thing that I am, I just have to swivel around in my computer chair. I do have excellent hearing so that helps. I hear those tree rats munching on the seeds.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Tree rats? Are they possums? We rarely see them this far north although I did have one in my backyard once. I thought it was a raccoon until I went out with the camera for a better look! It sure surprised me!

The butterfly is pretty and not nearly as big! Much prettier in the garden too.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what's the deal with butterflies?! :)

claude said...

Wonderfull Chris to try to write in french ! I appreciate a lot.
Foto is PHOTO
Le soleil BRILLE
Il ne PLEUT pas.
After 50 years, that is very good !
Thanks !

ChrisJ said...

They're too spidery. Sorry, but I just don't like creepy crawly fluttery things. I don't get hysterical and I can handle rats, mice and snakes (non-poisonous). But butterflies I just like to look at.

Rune Eide said...

I have had too much with rats to do (whit ones) to enjoy them in the garden. The butterflies on the other hand - lovely!