Sunday, October 19, 2008


We took the day off again last Friday and this time we went to the Oceanside Pier. It was a gorgeous day. In fact it has been gorgeous now for several weeks. We ate lunch at Ruby's at the end of the pier and sat outside with a plate of fish and chips to share, followed by a caramel sundae, also shared. Who are we kidding? Well it was our 49th Wedding Anniversary and we have both been dieting for weeks, so we figured we deserved it!

This is the view south. That white looking building far off on the horizon is the Carlsbad Power Plant. Such a shame that such a beautiful place should be remembered as 'that place with the power plant on the beach."

There were a lot of surfers. The waves were in good shape but not very large. Even so, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were quite a few people on the beach also.

Now I have some good news and not so very good news.

First, the GOOD: Our two sons are going to come with us to Kauai when we go for Thanksgiving! This will be the first time we will have been together as a family since Dad's funeral in 2004. Please pray that we have a real blessed time together. Our youngest son is just getting through a difficult relationship. Our oldest son I'm sure could use a break too. And MOTH and I are just totally happy to be with them both.

Now, the NOT SO GOOD: I put my back out again yesterday. I was just getting out of the shower and bent down to wipe the shower door rail. It felt like a bubble burst in my lower back. This is now happening three or four times a year, so I think I really need to see what can be done about it. So a trip to the chiropractor for me tomorrow and probably a couple more times this week and next. Ice usually helps a lot but not enough this time. I just hate spending that kind of money, but our insurance doesn't cover it. Ah well...things could be much worse.
Limited computer time for me for a while.


Wanda said...

What a cool day... I've eaten at Ruby's! Your surfing pictures look like something from a magazine.

I'm praying you have a great time with your son's in Kauai.

We will have Thanksgiving at our daughter in Mission Hills, and we are now 22 with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren... so we will have a big crowd.

So sorry to hear of your back... Once in my life my back went out, and I never want to repeat that!!!

You are in my prayers too.

LOL:) Wanda

Wanda said...

I forgot.... Happy Anniversary.. We are just behind you with 47 last June.

Jose said...

Chris I wish you a very happy anniversary celebration. Like Wanda, I too enjoyed the pictures and almost felt like being there eating fish and chips too. For our 25th all of our kids and their spouces went with us on a cruise, so I know how you are feeling that your kids will join you.

Our anniversary is on the 24th and we are planning on going to Palm Springs for two days. Since mi chica works on Saturdays we will be leaving on Wednesday morning and coming back on Friday.

I have never been to Palm Springs so I am reall looking forward to that trip and hope to share with you some of the places we visit.

Sorry to hear about your back. I have been going to the chiropractor as the company's insuance pays up to 20 visits.

claude said...

Very nice oceanside !
You let me think I must wish a nice thanksgiving Day to my friend.
I think it is the third sunday of November ?
I hope you back ist better now Chris !