Thursday, October 2, 2008

Up and Down; Far and Near

The antibiotics have drained me of all creativity this week. Well, that's my excuse, anyway. Also a family crisis with one of my sons -- his relationship of seven years -- has kind of taken the wind out of my sails. Don't you wish you could live your kids' lives for them?

On the up side, Moth returned home safely after a very blessed time in Bulgaria and Macedonia. While he was there, the Gypsy church were able to dedicate the land they had just purchased with help from MSM and CCCC, for their first church after communism.

This is the Board of the Morning Star Messengers who met last week for Moth's report and to send Pastor Max (in the blue shirt), on his way to Micronesia to teach for a month. Me, second from right. Barry, far right
This is one of the photos of the dedication of the land for the Gypsy church. Very rough land, much prayer, work and funds needed to now begin to build.

Next trip for Moth is to Portugal in about three weeks.

I'll be back soon with two more pieces of art work I have been doing in my 'spare' time.


Jose said...

What an exciting life Moth lives. You must be proud.

Shammickite said...

WOW your hubby does a lot of overseas travelling!
Just wondering, how long ago did you live in Stouffville? We may know some of the same people.

kaybee said...

Glad to know MOTH had a profitable time. He sure does get around!

And it's good to know Bailey still loves you!