Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Miniatures

Bailey has no ill effects from his encounter with me last week. He is just as friendly, sweet and gentle as ever. I have been working at this drawing for a couple of weeks. It's not as perfect as I would like but I'm not so dedicated to perfection as to erase part of his face, the left eye actually, and start that part yet again. I might never get it right! So here it is , as is.

The Culprit!


After drawing these leaflets, which I picked out of my garden, I realized why I find it so difficult to draw or paint from real life. I lay these leaves on a black background and tried to draw them. But in the end I had to take a photograph of them and draw them from the photo. I think this is the reason why: if you draw or paint from real life, the light and therefore the shadows and color are constantly changing. I don't seem to be able to hold the image as it was when I first started drawing, in my head. Therefore I have to have a photo or another painting that is stable. As I have said before I have never had any art lessons so I am learning as I go along. I do think I have learned a lot since I have been doing so much more for the blog, though it may not be noticeable to you. I notice it while I am drawing because for some things I don't have to think so hard or experiment as much to achieve a desired effect. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Incidentally, my leg seems to be healing well, but only after hot compresses and a week (not up yet), of antibiotics. I was a little worried yesterday as it was still inflamed but the hot compresses seem to be effective. I will know on Tuesday when I go back to see my doctor.


Jose said...

Chris, I know what you mean about how you feel your drawings are getting better, one of the main reasons I started blogging was because I wanted to write better. My writing has imporved so much durng the two years I have been blogging as compared to my speach which will always have a super heavy accent and not to mention a plethora of mispronounced words.

Happy to hear your leg is doing better.

Jose said...

I'm not sure how that Google follower thing works. But can't I post something just to see how it looks first, since the draft doesn't show it as a finished effect? My e mail server is down for a day or two but when it gets back up I'll see if I can get in touch with you to see if you can tell me, if you wouldn't mind.

Chris, this is very simple. When you go to your dashboard to compose a new post if you look under the dashboard you will see a new feature called "Reading List". Underneath there is an "add" button. Click on it and start adding the addresses of those blogs you would like to follow, once that is added their latest posts will always show on top. Once you do that if you look to the right at the same label of the "add" button you will see a "Google Reader" link. Click on it and you can see all the posts on the google reader instead of the individual person's post. Try it, let me know if it works.

Anonymous said...

The expression on that cat's face is remarkable.

claude said...

The portrait of Bailey is very well done !
I like also the simplicity of the second drawing.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe all the excitement while we have been travelling and without internet!!!!!