Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Carlsbad's Finest

Came home one day to find the fire engine in front of our house. Don't panic. The fire station is at the end of our circle and there is a convenient fire plug outside our house. I think this was just a training session for a new fireman, but it gave me an opportunity for a good photo.

When we first moved here thirty-five years ago, there was a good sized vacant lot at the end of our circle and it stayed empty for many years. The boys used to play baseball and football (their version) there. Then we heard that a fire station was going to be built there. At first we were a little concerned that property values would decline. But they built the station in the style of the houses in our area.

Now, I have to tell you that they are good neighbors to have! They do not turn on their sirens at night, and in the day time they wait until they are on the main road. It's a good security measure for our street because there is always somebody up and around at the fire station. Since the bad fires last year we are very thankful to share our street with them.


This first one is based on a newspaper photograph taken of some Hindu women bathing in the River Ganges, as is their custom.

I was impressed by the reflections of their brightly colored saris. The photograph was probably better, but it was an interesting experiment. I want to practice drawing water more.



This one too, was an experiment. One thing you can't do with Prisma colors is make something white. Gillian of The Faded Rose told me this secret. Place a thin piece of paper over your drawing and then draw whatever you want white onto the top piece of paper. Press hard so that the imprint will come through. Then remove the top paper and color lightly over the imprint. Presto! White snowflakes! This too needs more practice.

Next we are going to visit the Buena Vista Lagoon. Stay tuned.


Jose said...

Yeah, those fire engines are something else, aren't they? Our fire department is right around my house but you are right, they are great neighbours to have. Nice paintings, I like the first one, something about reflections attract me.

claude said...

Veru nice, Chris !

claude said...

About the firemen, beautiful red truck. In Utah they are yellow.

kaybee said...

You did an especially good job on the water, I think -- very effective! And the Christmas branches are beautiful.

Speaking of fire trucks, not so long ago the fire hydrants in our neighbourhood were all painted white (they were yellow, but were also red, once upon a time). I don't know what they were thinking -- the first snow fell and they all faded into the background! Now they are yellow, with green tops!

ChrisJ said...

RESPONSE TO KAYBEE: In some of the 'classier' areas of Carlsbad they(whoever'they' are) have painted the fireplugs purple/lavender. I'll see if I can get a photo one of these days. Also I saw in tonight's paper 'they' are having a competition in Carlsbad to adopt a fireplug and paint it with a likeness of your pet!

Wanda said...

I thought Jose would like your fire trucks...

I think your Christmas Branches would make a nice Christmas Card.