Thursday, November 6, 2008


Did someone get into my blog of yesterday I wonder? It was expressing my disappointment that when we are supposed to be at our most democratic we have too many derogatory comments, stealing of signs etc. But this we know, that God is control over all. He raises up leaders and brings them down in His own good time.

This was the gist of what I said but most of it was erased sometime over night leaving just a couple of lines and some garbled stuff. Later the whole thing was gone. I wondered if Google took it down, but I assure you it had nothing offensive in it. I didn't even mention either political party.

I did have one comment from someone which must have been written before the whole blog was taken down. It was a pleasant comment.

We did have some nasty stuff going on down here, so who knows! Anyway I removed my bumper sticker today, which was in support something. I don't need someone trying to intimidate me when I'm driving. That can happen without election hype.

It's a sad commentary on some people's idea of freedom of speech.


Anonymous said...

Religion and politics. The two big no-nos when with relatives especially.

Jose said...

I did read your post yesterday on the google reader but when I tried to go comment your whole blog was gone, it was like all the posts had dissapeared. Hummmm!

Anonymous said...

All I saw were symbols -today you picture is there but most of the comments are gone. Nice to know you are still blogging!!!

Ken said...

That's disappointing. I missed your post but I can't imagine you writing anything offensive.
It's sad day when an expression of ones opinion is censored by an apparent anonymous source. Kind of scary if you ask me.

claude said...

I read your post dated nov 5 but I did not know what to say, because I did not understand what you want to tell.

Wanda said...

I had grandsons and didn't have time to read post for a few days.

So I missed it completely.

However, we did take our "signs" down on the front lawn, and the stickers on the car....

I have said the same over and over....Gos is the Blessed Controller of all things...Ruler of Rulers and King of Kings.!!


ChrisJ said...

Right on, Wanda!