Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bailey's Christmas

They put me on a diet! Right before Christmas too! I can't imagine why!!! I only weigh 21 pounds.

Then they tried to get round me by giving me a new toy. Hmmm. It's not bad. I do kinda like boxes and paper bags....

I soon got tired of chasing fingers in that. (No, it's not because I'm overweight that I sleep all the time.)

But I love my old grooming brush best of all. NO-ONE will take that away from me.

Who me? Well of course I'm beautiful. I'm a snowshoe! I did once win a blue ribbon but that was before I came to live here and they overfed me. It's THEIR fault of course, if they think I'm overweight. But I told you I'm NOT overweight.


I showed them today what they could do with their yucky old diet food!

Don't Ask!


Anne Vis said...

What a sweetie! Wonderful shots, very cute! :-)

kaybee said...

How cute is THAT! Well, except for the last part -- I guess the privilege of clean-up fell to MOTH??

The Jessup Family said...

What a nice life - toys, grooming brushes, acceptance of being overweight and having people clean up after you. Sounds perfect :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

those blue eyes are just stunning.....

Thanks for popping by my blog.

Gill in Canada

Jose said...

But I told you I'm NOT overweight.

I am just pleasantly plump.

Chris, may you and yours have a Happy New Year!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

HA! :)
that's such a beautiful cat!

claude said...

Bailey is a beautiful cat and i so not think he is overweight. Me, yes !