Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cats, Bugs, Birds and Flowers on Kauai

I'm posting about cats first because I know some of you are not so interested in them as I am. HOWEVER...keep looking, because this photos was taken.....

Thanksgiving Day 2008 at Gaylords.

This was taken ....Thanksgiving Day at Gaylords 2007, same time, same place, same cat!!!

Someone, who shall be nameless, left the screen door open and we were visited by this creature which was at least 2 1/2 inches long. Since none of our family like bugs, not even the burly he-men, there was quite a debate about what to do and who would do it. Eventually Owen was the one who gathered it up in a glass and threw it outside, while I hid in the bedroom.

Someone in the condos is obviously feeding the pigeons. These all advanced on us as we were taking a walk . Sorry, we had nothing to feed them. But on the way back someone had evidently fed them. They were much too busy eating to notice us.

This is a Mynah bird. Many, many on the islands and quite cheeky. They came to beg food while we ate Thanksgiving dinner. I hear you can teach them to talk.

Don't know the name of this flower but it was very pretty emerging from these shrubby leaves. The leaves seen here do not belong to it. Just pretty colors, I thought, so I took the photo.

Don't know the name of this flower either, but it is quite common on Kauai. The plant has clumps of flowers like these in heads. I really like the unusual four petaled flower, or florette as it should be called, I think.

Unusual trees on Kauai and different from the usual views coming up next.


Anonymous said...

THat looks like our cat! Love the flowers especially the one coming up through the leaves....I have heard mynah birds talk - but they were a 'pet' - caged in a house... keep posting Kauai - makes me more ready than ever to get to Maui - we are -34C plus wind chill today-don't think I'm going far!

Jose said...

I guess we are not the only creatures of habit. Yeah, I too don't like bugs but they don't feak me out as much as SPIDERS do.
Cool looking flowers.

duopastorale said...

Lovely shots. I love your kitty!

kaybee said...

That nameless creature looks like a cockroach to me!

Glad the good times outweighed the bad!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well, the pictures made me feel warm- at least for a moment- thanks. :)

Anne Vis said...

I love your cat! :-)