Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So THIS is What You Do in Kauai???

Text Message!

Sleep Late!

Watch TV and check e-mails

Don't know what he's doing here!

Play with Computer!


Well not really. We did do some other things -- like talk on cell phones!!!

Better shots -- and more interesting --coming up.


claude said...

Hello Chris ! Sorry I'am late !
I'am sure you got very good vacation over there !

Jose said...

Oh man, so much excitement. It's contagious. lol Truth is I would love to go to Kauai even if to check my emails and my text messages and to sleep late too.

Anonymous said...

Moms/wives with cameras are dangerous!!!!!!

kaybee said...

Oh boy -- how typical is THAT! That's what my boy would be doing, too! Well, at least they gave you some good 'fodder' for your blog. I think you must have your camera around your neck 2 hours a day...comes in useful, doesn't it?

ChrisJ said...

I do keep my small camera in my purse, that way I always have it. But my small camera, tho'it takes really good regular photos, only zooms x3, so it's not so good for birds. For that I have Barry's old one which he doesn't use because it is too heavy to travel with. It zooms x6