Thursday, February 5, 2009

THE LETTER 'S' followed by PUFFINS

Greg of Greg's general store must be thinking I've opted out, but in keeping with his January 29th post here are my 10 most loved things beginning with the letter :



My first three are predictable:

1. Let's hear it for SUNSHINE! I don't mind a warm rain with no wind, but at this time of the year it has to be warm sunshine.

2. SONS. The Lord blessed me with two sons and no daughters. I just don't know how well I would have handled daughters. I don't think I set a good example of how a daughter should be, but maybe that's because I didn't know how a daughter should be. I was a tomboy. My 'boys' are a joy to me. I just don't know how they have turned out to be so handsome and talented as they are. (Maybe their father had something to do with it!)
I would be remiss if I didn't include THE SON of God in this because He has made me all that I am and hope to be.

3. SAN DIEGO. America's finest city! Since I am definitely not a city person, San Diego must be a very special place.

4. This one's a bit off beat, but here it is SHORTCUTS. Not the computer kind, but the kind that makes anything easier or quicker to do. My desire for traveling short cuts has led us into some interesting places.

5. SNOWSHOES -- the cat kind -- taupe grey all over with four white paws, a white triangle on the face and blue eyes. If you read my blog anything like regularly, you know this would appear here.

6. SELF-CLEANING OVENS. Not that I cook or bake much any more but they must surely be up there in popularity with dishwashers.

7. SUGAR. Yes, sugar. A very unhealthy, politically incorrect choice I suppose, but I crave sugar; not cake, pies, ice-cream but cotton candy or anything else that is pure sugar. I think I'll ask for a cotton candy machine for Valentine's Day.

8. SLEEPING LATE. Oh how I love to sleep late! After 40 years of teaching, eighteen of which involved getting my two sons out of the door as well as myself, at an unearthly hour. All my adult life, until retirement I do believe I was sleep deprived.

9. SAN DIEGO STYLE STORMS. That is, the kind that are somewhat exciting after all our perfect weather and the kind that don't hurt any one. I do like to watch "Storm-Chasers" for a taste of the real thing. But when we get a heavy rain storm, I just have to stand at the window and watch.

10. And here's the best: SILENCE. I wonder, does anyone else crave silence like I do? Sometimes I lie in bed at night and thank the Lord for our double -paned windows. I can lie there and believe we're in the middle of the loneliest spot on earth. Not a sound to be heard. I love it. And with that in mind, I should give credit to Simon and Garfunkel and their"Sounds of Silence" So that actually gives you 12 THINGS I LOVE BEST

Some more art work this week:

This is the original -- a coaster about 4" in diameter. I bought it at Flamborough a few years ago, because there are only a few places in the world where puffins can be seen and Flamborough is one of them.

I copied my picture, below, from the coaster. I changed the cliffs in the background to make them conform to the real Flamborough cliffs.

They are comical looking creatures, but you should see them fly! They just skim over the water, their legs splayed and their little black wings whirring like an overgrown humming bird.


kaybee said...

Love all of your S's Chris -- some unique ones too!

And the puffins are wonderful, especially with the Flamborough cliffs in the background -- well done!

Anonymous said...

ok - prepare yourself - I think we really will have to visit your area one day!!!!!

Jose said...

All great "S" words. And I can't say this enough, I love your art.

Greg C said...

S is for Sweet Puffins. Great work and thanks for playing along. It has been a hectic week for me and I am sorry I am just now getting back to your blog.

S could also be for Slow deer.