Sunday, February 8, 2009


My absolutely most favorite singing music group, The King's Singers, have just won a Grammy for their CD "Simple Gifts" ( Classical Crossover group. You must hear them.
I have been following them since 1983 and have every CD or tape t
hey ever produced. They are the most brilliant a cappella singers around today.

Do go to You Tube and hear them. The best pieces there are "Blackbird", "Danny Boy" and if you want some fun, try "The Barber of Seville Overture". You won't be disappointed.

Link to You Tube here:

These are the Songs on this Grammy Award winning CD (Sorry you have to squint):


Jose said...

Oh wow! I followed your link and it took me more than half an hour to get out of there. They really are fantastic.

kaybee said...

Congrats to the King's Singers!

Like Jose, once I got to You Tube I couldn't leave!

I love all the ones I listened to, but my favourite is The Flight of the Bumble Bee -- hilarious!

Greg C said...

I have never heard of them but I will check them out.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Lovely to hear from you again.
My neighbour, Glyn, always loved to play music while he sat in his garden, which is quite near to my studio. On sunny days I knew he was there as I could hear My Way being sung at full pelt in Welsh. How it used to irritate me when I was trying to think I cannot tell you. Now I find myself hoping that I hear it again this summer.
I hope your friend in the hospice finds peace.
love Jackie and the ginger cats

Mrs Mac said...

Oh I grew up with the Kings Singers!!! They were on tv a lot and they were my mum's absolute faves!!! I've always liked that style of singing as a result!

claude said...

Very nice !
Thanks Chris for your last comment.
I feel better today. That's good if you understand my blog and coms in french !

Ken said...

I can't say I've heard of The King's Singers.
Give me a nice hotel room anytime. We camped when the kids were little, I enjoyed it and they did as well but Mom couldn't wait to get home.