Thursday, February 26, 2009


Claude from (which I think means"some things from my garden and some made with my ten fingers") had some photos of an old chateau that she visited. Among them was a picture of an old prison door. I liked it so much I asked her if I could copy it for my set of ATC Doorways. So here it is: The Prison Door. Thank you Claude for letting me copy this! Claude is French but she frequently has English translations with her posts. I am trying to brush up my school-girl French with her blog.

This old 'gentleman' was keeping guard outside the apartment of a retiree in a retirement home near us. I thought he looked wonderful and quite real.

The daffodils are back! Of course I had to buy some. Sadly these didn't do too well this time. Perhaps it's a wee bit too early for them. There will be more, I'm sure. Jackie at The Ginger Darlings tells of a daffodil farm near her home on the St. David's Peninsula in Wales. Now that would be something to see!!

I have had this photo of the clouds for several weeks since our last rainstorm. I don't belong to Skywatch Friday, but these were so magnificent and so unusual to be as close as this to Carlsbad. So I had to take a photo. Usually, large cumulus clouds are way back over the mountains.


Jose said...

Another wonderful drawing, it almost looked like one you did of my pictures. The clouds do look impressive love the capture.

kaybee said...

Another interesting blog, Chris. I love those puffy white clouds, against the lovely blue sky!

Our snow has almost gone, but it's coming back, they tell me, so it will be a while before we see daffodils!

Wanda said...

Another great door!

Love the dog and daffodills and the sky~~~~~

Delightful Post!

claude said...

Wonderful, Chris !
Your drawing is exactly the photo.
May I copy it to make a special post ?
Impressive sky !
My daffodils are actually in buds.
Thganks for your publicity about my blog.

Anonymous said...

We still have another week or two, or three or even four before we get to see any spring flowers.

Anonymous said...

The retiree's dog is a little too realistic! Must make a few folk jump! I hear we just had more snow at home! No daffodils for us

The Jessup Family said...

Chris, Cayce accuses me of always having my camera up to my face, but I think you win the prize. Your camera misses nothing and I think it's GREAT! Thanks for the great comments on our blog :) Denise

Castilla said...

I liked your blog and your beautiful cats!

Marie said...

I like your drawing too. I would love to be able to draw as well as you do!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Very nice work on this post.