Monday, April 13, 2009

Cats and Squirrels Plus One

Left over photos from our Boise trip. Some of these are certainly not good quality, but when you've only got three days, photos are not a high priority.

Boise squirrels are red squirrels and are more acrobatic than ours. We have gray squirrels and are mostly on the ground, hence the name 'ground squirrels' I suppose. Ours climb if they want bird seed from a feeder! See previous posts.

This was kind of a nice shot with the blue sky and trees reflected in the window behind.

This is Lavender, a very pretty miss, with green eyes.

Meet Cody. Getting along in life, but he has discovered something new: (See below)

Awful quality -- the flash didn't work. But this is the something new Cody discovered. He may not look very comfortable but he wasn't about to move. He loves to have his tummy scratched!
And he didn't know it until now.
This is Lovie. Sweet little thing, but very old, -- can't see and can't hear. So she doesn't leave her Mom's side very often. But she is quite happy to go out for a short walk on a leash a couple of times a day and does like to roam around the back yard (being carefully watched over.)

Here is our youngest son, Owen. Took this photo as a last minute thought at the airport. He has recently made a major career change, from computer engineer to property management! He likes it very much, even though he doesn't make as much money, but his business is building fast.

Sadly we didn't get a photo of Vicki that would do her justice. Great gal! Very talented, with lots of energy to do all her wonderful projects. Maybe next time.


claude said...

I think I will never have the possibility to shot any squirrel.
Our squirrels are red too. On last week I saw one running under my kitchen window always on the same path, in a way round or in the other one. He goes too fast.

Anonymous said...

Glad to get more photos - good looking son! "Good luck" on your painting the church - I know you will 'do them proud'

Caprice- said...

Great photos- even the one without the flash! I do Property anagement and it's a lot like a roller coaster. Some months you have a lot coming in and some months the money is scarce. It's never the same income! Ask him he finds the tenants easier to deal with than the homeowners- that's what I've found. I spend too much time babysitting homeowners than tenants??????? Who'dve thought???
Good luck painting the church- I don't envy you that!
Have a super weekend- gonna be 90 here!

Decadent Housewife said...

Popped over here from That British Woman. Your photo of Cody showing his something new is actually very painterly - sort of has a Cassatt quality - and I see you do paint. I'd try that photo - think it's great.