Thursday, April 30, 2009

So What Did We Sisters Do?

We visited the Flower Fields...

and pronounced them gorgeous!

This is an even better photo from my friend Brenda. The tractor takes you around the fields.


We visited my son's house which is mostly done in low maintenance Mexican style. It's looking great! This tree in his front yard beside the house was fabulous.

He has just bought this old wagon to add some atmosphere. That's my son and my sister in the background admiring the stand of bamboo he planted last year.

Then we went to the harbor. Always beautiful. This pelican was on the look out for some fish, as the vessel he is perching on just came in from a fishing trip.

Oceanside Harbor! The best kept secret south of Camp Pendleton.

No that's not us, but I watched them get in that kayak. They didn't look too safe, so I kept my camera on them in case there was an incident. It's paddled with the feet. But nothing happened. Don't know if I should be glad or not. It would have been a great photo op.

A few more photos to come. Come back soon to see food, bluebirds and the lagoon.

Visit my sister's blog at
to see more photos of Carlsbad -- really good ones!


Jose said...


claude said...

Wonderful visit Chris !
I have two Bougainvilleas. I will show them.

kaybee said...

Oh my! We DID have fun, didn't we?!

Lots of wonderful memories -- and great photos!

Cherdecor said...

Hi Chris, I was here before then clicked on your sister's blog and forgot to come back. How rude of me!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have never seen fields of flowers except in pictures. The pictures take my breath away!

I am so glad that you and your sister had such a good time together.