Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Birds

Hope you're not tired of looking at birds. I'm getting some good shots with my little digital Canon Power Shot A560, after practicing all summer and wanted to share them. My next post will be different, I promise.

These are all lesser goldfinches. I think I counted13 in this photo. (Click on it to see it enlarged.) Love the one hanging up side down underneath!!!

"One at a time please!"

"Oh, you caught me with my mouth open!"

"This is my better side, don't you think?"

I took this to show the difference between the two humming birds visiting our patio this summer. This is an Ana's humming bird.....

......and this is what I believe to be a rufous humming bird. Both kinds are visiting numerous times daily.

Waiting for the gardener to leave so they can get back to the feeder.

Ain't Love Grand!


Anonymous said...

fantastic photos - keep up the good work

Cherdecor said...

Your post is simply for the birds! Grin.
I love the pictures of your birds. Your Goldfinch or more green than ours are or maybe the computer messes with their color. They are lovely birds.

I love the new look of your header and thank you for explaining your blogging name. It makes sense!

RuneE said...

Golden an blue go together very well. Either you have got more of theses birds that we do - or I don't see them! :-)

Wanda said...

Love your new look.... Great pictures of the birds too...

Nice and new.... I like it.

Anonymous said...

Everything is working perfectly. I admire you the two different humming bids. Nice shots.

Thank you very much for visiting My Birds Blog and for the comment you left me there about my Coopers Hawk photograph. My Birds Blog