Tuesday, March 9, 2010

H IS FOR....


It's now four weeks since we had The Accident with our beautiful Toyota Camry.  It had only 40, 000 miles on it and would have lasted us for ever.It took about three weeks to hassle through all the details of the insurance etc.
Then we looked around and wondered "What next?"
We would have been happy to go with another Toyota except for one thing...... I was one of those people who had had problems with the accelerator.  

But that was back in 2005 and nobody believed me when I told them I knew exactly what I was doing and   I hadn't confused the accelerator and the brake while parallel parking outside the church.  I was so sure it wasn't my fault that I actually measured the distance between the accelerator  pedal and the brake .  Then I went in on the web to see if any other people had had problems with the accelerator.  Of course, back then, there was nothing.   

This was the scene that day: 

Yes, the car went over the curb, across the grass verge, across the sidewalk , across another grass verge, knocked over a back flow water valve  and through the wall of the church office which was flooded by the water valve breakage!

I don't want to benefit from other people's misfortune, but I was sure it wasn't my fault and no-one really believed me. ("Poor old soul.  She's getting a bit doddery, you know." ) Ha!!!  It's taken five years, but now some are actually saying "Wow!  May be it WAS the car!"

Well, with all that in mind, we decided to buy a Honda CR-V.  We took possession of it yesterday.  It is an opal green -- sort of a light silvery green. 
So 'H' is for Honda and HAH!
H is also for 'Heart".  While I was getting my hair cut this week, I got into a discussion with the young man who cuts my hair.  It left me somewhat disturbed because although I know that what he said is believed by thousands of people, especially the so-called educated  and more enlightened ones, yet I cannot believe it.  He said :  "People in general are basically good and good-hearted aren't they?".  So I asked him what about the man or men who killed Chelsea King and Amber Dubois, two young people so mercilessly raped and murdered in our area recently. His response was that this man was either mentally ill, carelessly raised or made bad decisions.  But when one looks at the full scale of evil perpetrated in our world, just in my life time alone, through the Nazis, Saddham Hussein and his sons, unspeakable atrocities committed in various parts of the continent of Africa, and by other national leaders -- and to bring it closer to home, men and women in our own country and neighborhoods, how can we put all this down as just aberrations of nature?  Evil, no matter how evil it is, is still evil.

Jesus said:  "Out of the HEART proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, theft, false witness, blasphemies.  These are the things which defile a man." (Matt. 15:19).  Evil will never go away until our hearts are changed. I confess that my heart is evil, but it is in the process of being changed by Jesus Christ and I will be completely changed when He comes again to do away with all the evil that there is.



Wanda said...

I love the saga of the Honda!!!

Great pictures to give us the details.. Oh my you really did have a crash!

Love the color of your new Honda. Nice!!

Sylvia K said...

I do love Hondas! And that looks like a great one! Glad you weren't injured -- that was some crash! Great shots! Hope your week is going well!


Autumn Leaves said...

Beautiful car and great post, Chris. I agree with your words so much!

kaybee said...

It's amazing that you weren't hurt in that crash back then. Glad you are sensing some vindication now and I can understand your feelings about Toyotas -- but I still love mine!

I was just thinking this morning along the same lines as you, about the heart. Thanks for that word.

LeAnn said...

Shoot! Glad you are OK. That must have been incredible. I also like you words portion! Thanks. :)

Gillian Mowbray said...

Nice car - and great colour too. We have a Toyota and love it, but I can quite see why you wanted to change. x

Troy said...

How Horrible that that Happened. Hopefully you will be Happy with your Honda.

I like to think that we all have some good and some evil in our hearts. It is up to us which one we choose to let shine.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday Team, Thanks for joining us this week. Hope to see you back next week too!


Monika said...

hubby's fav brand of cars

photowannabe said...

That was some crash. I can definitely see why you say HAH.
We love our Honda though its old now it still putts along just like I do....
I also agree with your Wed. words. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Good story - never had a Honda - used to have a Toyota Corolla - hope it serves you well.

Tumblewords: said...

Huzzah for your Honda!

Tania said...

Great words and H!:-)

Roger Owen Green said...

How annoying that you weren't believed by the Toyota folks.

There was a story about HOLLAND, Michigan last month on ABC News. High unemployment, cold. Happiest place in the USA. Why? Because people care about one another. God designed us to love one another.

LisaF said...

Hondas are wonderful cars! They run forever and are pretty much trouble-free. Hope you like yours.

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment on evil. 1 Peter 5:8 says, "Satan prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." Unfortunately, this side of heaven, this is the case.

Jose said...

Well after all is said and done, I like the new car and what pretty color. I love green in almost any shade.

Cherdecor said...

You certainly have a beautiful ride now!

I enjoyed your story and your pictures.

ChrisJ said...

Well thank you, Gerald. I've never been given an award before -- and a Sunshine Award has a pleasant air to it. But I think we should start a new trend --Awards, Just Because... --no strings attached. There are some people who don't want awards, probably because they get so many. In addition, to find 12 others and link would take me half a day since I'm not too savvy with computers. Then again to only give 12 might leave some of my friend bloggers feeling a little left out. Oh well...I always tend to over-think things. But I do appreciate your kind thoughts.