Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some More Artwork

This is my piece for Virtual Paintout.   VP chooses a location somewhere in the world and participants have to find a scene in that location using only Google Street View.  This month VP chose Stavanger, Norway.  I really enjoyed exploring in and around Stavanger.  Having been to Norway last year, but not to Stavanger, I knew I wanted to paint one of their houses.  The lines of their houses are so geometrical, -- neat and tidy.  In addition they are often painted in beautiful colors.  However, in Stavanger itself there were many beautiful white houses and I had decided I didn't want to paint white.  I finally chose the house above because of its gables, and color.  I liked the lines of perspective too. To see other paintings on Virtual Paintout go HERE

This is just a simple Red Delicious apple done with Prisma Color pencils and a little water color on the background.  Really I was just experimenting with the depth of color of the Prisma Color pencils.


I did this one several months ago and didn't like it at all because I felt the color was too bold.  The shelf, I originally painted in a dark wood cherry.  The cat and the vase of greenery can be seen in different locations in my house..  I'm still not happy with it, but I don't think I can redeem it any further.  I think the painting on the wall was the wrong choice for this supposed still life.


Gillian Mowbray said...

Hi Chris - good job on the Stavanger scene - great perspective too. The apple looks - well - delicious. Good depth of colour and tonal values.
I like the composition of your still life very much - well placed and with a nice visual flow, particularly with the grasses being cropped that way. I can see you're enjoying your work. x

Autumn Leaves said...

I have to agree 100% with Gillian's comments. Normally I can come up with my own words but I truly agree with everything she has said. I also like the composition of the last piece; it hits on all forms of 'life' - humans, animals, plants...The colors are wonderful too!

sandy said...

I enjoyed seeing these. Great job on the houses, that sounds like fun.

Wanda said...

These are so good Chris! I really love what you did with the house, but the last one really catches the eye! That is the coolest cat!

claude said...

Chris, you are very talented too.
If my crocus photos are beautiful it was because the light of sun helped me.
I like very much the first drawing.
The ancestors of my american Friend
Larry went to America from Norway.

Anonymous said...

I like your house picture very much and the apple too. Nice drawings.

kaybee said...

I love them all, Chris -- well done!

Patty said...

Sounds like fun being able to draw and paint and also do the Virtual Paintout. I want to thank you for your visits.