Friday, July 23, 2010


... at least it was!  It came out for about two minutes.  We haven't seen the sun for nearly two months!  Just cool gloomy weather.  They are beginning to call this the year of no summer, but as I said to Cherdecor, by August and September we will probably be sizzling.

This is my latest painting:

I just seem to have a thing about sheep and single trees in an open landscape.  I don't think this is necessarily my best work, but it is my favorite because of the scene.

Now you have a task to do.  A week or so ago I posted this watercolor painting of a farmhouse:

But many people have been telling me that they like my paintings done with pen and ink.  So I decided to do the same painting in pen and ink to compare the two.  Here is the 2nd painting:

I'm not sure it's a fair comparison, because the pen and ink does come out so much more clearly  when it is scanned.  But though I perhaps like the looks of the second one better, the first one gave me more satisfaction to do -- and incidentally took much longer.  But even in the second one you see my urge to put in more and more detail.  I had to stop myself.

I'd be interested to hear any comments or suggestions. I want to learn.


Wanda said...

Chris, I love your scenes. I tend to draw and paint people, and shy away from landscapes.

The top picture is my favorite. Love the rocks in the foreground and the tuffs of grass. Your sheep look so real.

You always to great on your houses, and that's something else I struggle with..Mine always look like they are falling down.

Love that you keep posting your art. BTW I have put up another art challenge for August. So you have plenty of time.

Love and Hugs

MorningAJ said...

I prefer the second one but that's a matter of my personal taste. I love pen and ink and just wish I was better at them. I think the amount of satisfaction you get in creating a painting is just as important as the finished result. So, in that sense, the first one is "better".
But they're both great.
(That doesn't help really does it? :) )

claude said...

Of any way you paint or draw, what you do is very beautiful, Chris !

mrsnesbitt said...

Art is all about putting your feelings and instincts into your work. If you felt you wanted to put more detail into it - go ahead more and more. This is YOUR statemnt YOUR work. The impressionists were my favourite genre - go with your heart!

Mara said...

I prefer the first to the second to be honest! It somehow feels more real.

snafu said...

Interestingly different but both are excellent. Personally I like a detailed picture, it gives you more to see each time you look at it.

Cherdecor said...

Oh I do love that sheep picture. You did a great job on the detailed. I do love sheep!

I prefer the bottom picture just because I like clean lines. I prefer striped wallpaper as opposed to scenes like chicken and nests. I have this wallpaper in my diningroom that drives me crazy.
Thank goodness it is only on one wall!

You do amazing work and it all looks far better than my wallpaper! Hahaha!

Autumn Leaves said...

Gosh, Chris...I guess if I had to choose, I would pick painting number one (or the top one). The second looks nice and crisp and clean, but it isn't quite as saturated with paint. The first one just looks richer and deeper to my eyes. Love the sheep and the sky is just phenomenal in that piece!

kaybee said...

I think (not that I am any expert of course!) that because they are two different techniques, they are both as good as each other -- just different in their presentation.

Not sure how two sisters can both love the same things so much -- but sheep and trees are my favourites, and I love your first picture very much -- perfect sheep!

Patty said...

I left a message once and then it said something about server was down?? Anyway, I like the first drawing the best, the watercolor. I assume it's because ( to me) it looks friendlier and homier. Hope you've had a good day. We finally got some rain,a bout a total of 1/2 inches. Thanks for your visits. Have to go check my pot of green beans.

Morning's Minion said...

I like both of these paintings. The delicate clarity of the pen and ink satisfies a love of detail, but the depth of color in the first painting pleases me as well.
Both are appealing.