Sunday, July 11, 2010


First is my submission for VIRTUAL PAINTOUT
It is a street scene from Hong Kong
I have attempted to do just pen and ink and color washes in this one.  I don't think this style is for me, although my husband says he likes the clean lines.  They don't look very clean to me.
This is the art challenge where the painter is given a location on Google Maps, and using street view we have to pick a scene and paint it. This month's location is Hong Kong.

A Farmstead near Keld
in Yorkshire.
This is taken from a photo which George McHenry of Transit Notes took.  He led a team of hikers across England on a Coast to Coast trail and has some wonderful photographs of the Northern England countryside.  If you go on a bus tour this is what you miss in Northern England.  Do go visit his site and see what you might have missed. This is more my normal style of painting and if you think it is too green go and take a look at the photo.  England is really green.


Autumn Leaves said...

I love both styles, Chris. Your trees are magnificent! I love how you've spotted a less busy location and am kind of surprised at how much the Hong Kong spot you chose reminds me of, I don't know...San Francisco?

kaybee said...

A lovely job on both, Chris. I think DOTH is right about the clean lines -- I really like it.

Went to Transit Notes blog -- love the photos of the moors and of Robin Hood's Bay -- a more picturesque spot it is hard to find!

Gillian Mowbray said...

Oh yes England sure is green - Wales is even greener (and wetter).

I like both of these, Chris. You know I'm a fan of pen and wash and you did a great job. Stick with it. x

snafu said...

I like the Hong Kong one too. Simple and yet interesting. Good idea of using Google Street View, who dreamed that one up? England is not quite as green as it should be at the moment, we have had virtually no rain int'south for several weeks and the grass is dying off all around here where it is not wtered regularly and there are threats of a hosepipe ban. The only good thing is I don't have to mow the lawn or weed so often.

Vicki said...

You did a beautiful job on both paintings. While I love the colors in the Hong Kong one, I love the primitiveness (is that a word) of the England one. Well done!

Patty said...

Good afternoon, it took several tries before it would let me leave a comment. I like both paintings, but love the Farmstead the best.

Anonymous said...

I would think this would be hard to do. I am never sure where the maps are pointing. I did get to fly in on Google and see where Tom Wigley lives in London. That was neat.

I really like your work on these houses and scenery.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that farm near Keld, Chris - and I agree about George's photographs - they are really splendid.

Wanda said...

Once again, Chris I'm struck with the cleanness of your paintings. Crisp corners in the first one, great colors. So pleasant to the eye. I agree with your husband.

The second one is so lovely with all the green, and I love the clothes on the clothesline. Wonderful capture!

Cherdecor said...

I was just showing Alan your drawings and explaining how you do this. It is so interesting. I do quite a lot of Google driving down streets. It is quite fun!

duopastorale said...

What a fascinating idea! And yes England IS green... we have all that rain to pay for it!

Morning's Minion said...

I know so little about painting, but have to say the very green scene is my choice of the two--it seems more substantial, more like a "real" place to me.